Congratulations to Jane Fellows, I mean Mrs. Miller!

We are delighted to announce that Jane Fellows and Doug Miller eloped on July 17th at the Kingfisher Resort in Courtenay, Vancouver Island, BC. Their dear friends Molly and Chris witnessed their marriage.

For those of you who may not recognize Jane, she has been visiting the Jaltemba Bay area for 30+ years. She also founded KinderAide, an independent, non-profit group of volunteers who assist local under-privileged kinder schools.

Jane says, “The following day, we enjoyed a morning of fishing (we caught five salmon and a seal, by accident of course, who ended up swimming away with my fish), followed by a couple’s massage and fine dining. Now, we’re back to work selling houses and building our new one. A short honeymoon, but our November 1st honeymoon in Mexico is coming up soon.”

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Miller!

Jane Fellows Vows

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