Community Teamwork Equals Success for 2014 Cancer Walk Initiatives

Numbers don’t lie. Since the beginning of March, 28 local low-income women have received free diagnostic mammograms and more than 40 women have been taught how to do breast self exams. These numbers illustrate how seriously the Cancer Walk Committee is working to promote early cancer detection in order to positively impact the lives of the Jaltemba Bay area women. To all of the wonderful people that attend the annual Walk Against Cancer, know that your fun afternoon is having a lasting impact and that this initiative would not be possible without your financial donations!

In March, the Cancer Walk committee (CW) collaborated with the Los Amigos de Jaltemba group, and through them, welcomed six Mexican women to the CW committee. Not only do these women support the 2014 free mammogram initiatives, the new members had great suggestions on how to effectively accomplish those goals. Using the Community Cultural Center for the venue, the CW now provides a free monthly breast exam seminar. The dedicated volunteers took the CW signup to the main avenida in La Peñita with very positive results. In addition to the adults, eight Conalep students passed out literature and told shoppers about the upcoming workshop – great multi-national teamwork! It’s education brought to the citizens.

At the seminars, Blanca Venegas, a nurse from IMSS (the Mexican federal healthcare provider) and Dr. Urguijo (pictured below), from Chacala, explain how to do a breast self examination using a slide show. If the attendee has a specific medical concern, she is referred to a doctor or sent directly to get a diagnostic mammogram.

Cancer Walk Update 4  Cancer Walk Update 5

Another huge accomplishment for the non-profit Cancer Walk group is affiliating with Diagnostic Imaging group, a specialized laboratory that is experienced in women’s health issues. Diagnostic Imaging is part of the DIV medical consortium that offers an early detection program and provides diagnostic analysis using mammogram and ultrasound, besides working with five regional hospitals. We have arranged for prompt x-ray analysis to eliminate a return visit for the client to pick up the test results.

Recap of What Cancer Walk Does

The 2014 CW committee voted to bring immediate assistance to the low income, high need women in the Jaltemba Bay area.

The consensus of what was the most cost effective and manageable method to immediately assist women in the Jaltemba Bay area, was determined to be a voucher system to help pay for individual mammogram/ultrasound testing. Under this system, the physician completes the form and the bottom portion is returned to the committee, becoming the invoice that is paid after the mammogram is completed. Dra. Lidia Flores sets up the appointment and arranges transportation for the client. Thus far, the women clients have received caring, prompt and effective medical assistance.

You can view a copy of the Cancer Walk 2014 Voucher here.

It must be noted that the Cancer Walk committee – like most of the other non-profit helping groups in our little community – is comprised largely of seasonal residents. None of the committee is trained in any medical profession, and detecting breast cancer is a highly specific medical treatment. We decided to let trained physicians do the selection of patients and identify the need for testing. The funds generated at the once a year event are used to pay for mammograms and transportation to the testing facility. Another CW initiative is to educate the community about the importance of early detection. We are hosting monthly workshops and having volunteers go to area schools.

Cancer Walk Update 7  Cancer Walk Update 6

2015 Jaltemba Walk Against Cancer

Mark you calendars and join us for the 2015 Jaltemba Walk Against Cancer.

Date: Monday, February 16
Location: We’ll start at Mateja’s Bar & Grill on the beach in Rincón de Guayabitos and finish at Hinde y Jaime’s Bar & Restaurant in La Peñita for dancing, drinks and fun!

It is amazing how teamwork makes the difference!

For more information or to donate, email:
Yvonne Trottier: trottieryvonne@gmail.com
Tara Spears: jaltemba.scribe47@ymail.com

For more information, visit Cancer de Mama.

by Cancer Walk Committee

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