My wife and I celebrated the end of the year at a house party in Guayabitos. We were sitting out on the pool deck, when suddenly something hit me on the head. I swore, put my hands up to rub my head, and when I looked, my hands were covered with blood. Somebody went to get a towel, while I created a small pool of blood on the ground. After applying two towels, the bleeding abated, and I looked around for what had hit me but found nothing.

Sarah drove Jean and I to the new Real Nayar Hospital in La Peñita. We went into the night emergency entrance, a nurse immediately summoned the doctor, we went into a treatment room, he gave me one stitch, cleaned me up and we were done. Total time between incident and back to the party was about half an hour. Cost was $300 pesos, about $25 Cdn. Sarah even paid for us, since we were not carrying cash!

In the meantime, the offending missile had been found floating in the pool, a stick about 30-inches long, obviously from a firework. So I guess you could say my year ended with a bang.

This photo of the hospital shows the main entrance on the left and the 24-hour emergency entrance on the right, around the corner.

Just for information, the Real Nayar Hospital, which opened this year, is on Alfredo V. Bonfil #18, which is one block south of the Avenida, and two blocks up from the main Plaza. However, outside regular hours the main entrance is shuttered, and the emergency entrance is around the corner, on Bahia de Banderas. Apparently this has caused some very bad confusion. There is a handwritten sign by the main entrance, and the staff told us a new permanent sign will be put up next week. Note that Bahia de Banderas is a one way street, North towards the Avenida.

To view the exact location, you can view our updated Map of La Peñita

The Real Nayar Hospital is a private hospital. Although visits to hospitals are not on our list of favourite things to do, this experience was certainly very positive.

Written by Dave Edwards

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