John & Doreen Berg are your hikers to go to!

John and Doreen Berg are not your normal hikers. Not only do they spearhead the clearing of the trails heading south out of Los Ayala, and take countless numbers of hikers on reconnaissance runs, but they also have a very informative blog of their own. Click on its cover to read for yourself.
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Walking On Sunshine by Jasmine Hohenstein

Walking  On Sunshine It’s 5:45 am in Guayabitos and it’s dark outside. I hear an aggressive rooster crowing in the distance as I quietly crawl out of bed not wanting to disturb my sleeping husband. Making my way to the bathroom in the dark , I  quickly splash some water on my face, brush my teeth and arrange my hair into…

Playa Canalan Is Now Restricted - For Paying Tourists Only

The following is the Google translation of an article recently published by Realidades, Tepic. Local residents are no longer allowed to use the Playa Canalan in El Monteon. Tourist developers privatize another beach in Nayarit, they do not want the "rabble, metiches or onlookers"(Local residents) to disturb the guests, under the…