Casa Cooking Classes Really “Cook”

I played hookey on Friday afternoon to attend my first Casa Cooking Class. The class focused on different types of tacos and the many salsas that accompany them. As Betty said, “Some people eat at a taco stand just because of the salsas they serve.” I happen to be one of “those” people. Since I do not eat beef or pork, I will often order vegetarian tacos and slather them with salsa. I am salivating just thinking about it.

During the 2-hour class, Debra and Betty instructed us how to make Tacos al Carbon with three different salsas: Salsa Verde, Salsa de Aguacate and Salsa Chile de Arbol. Betty also created a creamy and slightly spicy Chipotle Salsa using boiled tomatoes, chipotles en adobo, chicken broth, sauteed onions and crema to put on top of her Chicken Burritos (shown in the top photo). And last but not least, Betty served Tacos Dorados, which are corn tortillas each stuffed with one of the following ingredients and then fried: Mashed Potatoes; Requeson, a Ricotta-like cheese; and Chicken with Tomatoes and Onion.

Each student got an outline of the menu items to be discussed, a few recipes, a small take-home gift (today’s happened to be the ingredients to make Frijoles de la Olla), a margarita made by Debra’s husband Glen and a guaranteed good time. You might just find me playing hookey a little more often!

When: Fridays at 2pm (through March 23)
Where: Casa de los Pelicanos, Guayabitos
Price: $220 USD for Series of 6 / $40 USD for Individual Class
Availability: Debra has 4-5 spaces still open for each of the Session 1 classes listed below, so reserve your space now!

Session 1 Classes
December 2 — Chilis en Nogada
December 9 — Camerones and Coconuts
December 16 — Pechuga de Pollo Rellanos
December 23 — Empanadas

Series 2 and 3 classes will follow. Reservations are now being accepted.

For more information or to reserve your seat, visit Debra’s Casa Cooking Classes.

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