Dealing with cancer of any type is a horrible ordeal. Being a poor woman complicates the physical aspects due to lack of available options or assistance. For many women in Nayarit, just surviving the breast removal surgery is not enough, there is still a huge uphill battle for regaining self-esteem and feeling like a woman again. Statistics from the Mexican National Institute of Salud Publica indicate that breast cancer mortality has increased in Nayarit. There is a lack of after surgery care proved by the government for the lower socioeconomic individuals without health insurance, which is approximately 60% of the Nayarit population. The Cancer de Mama Clinic addresses this real need by providing free medical prosthesis, tit bits and special bras to women breast cancer survivors from our region.

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“THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who worked so long and so hard to help make this year’s clinic (held January 31-February 2, 2014) such a wonderful event. We know the countless hours dedicated to this project were well rewarded. We helped make 427 ladies feel proud, we offered them care, compassion and understanding,” said Susan Sloan, Cancer de Mama Clinic Supervisor. “On behalf of the whole Cancer de Mama organization, thank you all so very much for coming in and being part of another successful Cancer de Mama clinic.

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The greater use of mammography screening in the last ten years has led to the increased detection of breast cancers that are too small to be felt, therefore reducing the risk of dying from this disease. Tumors are being detected one to three years earlier than the tumors would have been diagnosed if they continued to grow until symptoms developed. Early detection of breast cancer by mammography also leads to a greater range of treatment options, including less-aggressive surgery (e.g., lumpectomy). Despite having limitations, mammography is the single most effective method of early detection since it can identify cancer several years before physical symptoms develop.

It is the goal of Cancer de Mama’s sister group, Cancer Walk, to help the low income women of Nayarit obtain early detection mammograms. Show your support and have a great time celebrating life at the upcoming street party after the Pink Parade on February 17, 2014.

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