I feel compelled to write this next short vignette…

As I have previously written, we are house-sitting at the top of La Penita. While it is very close to downtown, the last three blocks are pretty much straight up hill. It’s a good thing my hiking buddies over the last several years ‘forced’ me to climb all those mountain trails back home in Canada, otherwise I may just sit down in a pool of self-pitying tears. However, my husband & I occasionally do hire a cab to get to the top of the hill when we are loaded down with groceries or have just made the trek too many times in one day.

Now the taxi cabs here are plentiful and the cabbies are usually eager for our fare – until we point up the hill and indicate ‘to the top, por favor’. Part of the concern is that many of the cabs are powered by three cylinder motors, my husband tells me. What would I know (or care) about cars with three cylinder motors, you may wonder.

Well, getting MOST of the way to the top, grinding gears, spinning tires, stopping momentarily and then beginning to ROLL backwards down the hill is not my idea of a good time. Once was enough, thank you very much! So now we insist on getting out of the cab the block prior to the steepest grade or, if we are lucky, we get a cabbie who takes the longer, less terrifying route to the top… Or I look for a cab with six or eight cylinders!

Camille, who wishes to remain anonymous, just moved to La Peñita and has been writing about her experiences. She is using the pseudonym (nom de plume) Camille – just because she likes it – and has titled her stories “Camille’s Conjectures”. According to the Cambridge Dictionaries On-line, the definition of conjecture is “(the forming of) a guess about something based on how it seems and not on proof”, which seems to fit her muses quite nicely, seeing that these are her impressions and not necessarily based on “facts”.