Calling All Writers and Photographers (Amateur or Professional)

Each issue of the Jaltemba Bay Life newsletter contains photos, stories, articles and information that we gather throughout the year. Our newsletter has become so popular in part because of our fabulous and dedicated contributors and readers. However, we are always in need of fresh material. Please send us your photos, personal stories, vacation log, day trip notes, volunteering adventures, local interest stories or anything else you you want to share. You can submit something once, twice, three times… or become a regular contributor by submitting material more often. Who knows, you might enjoy seeing your name is print!

Submit your stuff to Photos must be at least 500 pixels wide. For “Photo of the Week” submissions, please include a photo title, the photographer’s name and a description of what the photo is and/or where it was taken. Stories can be short and sweet… or a entire chapter long. Read our submission guidelines for more information.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to lately!

Photo by David Thompson


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    As I sit at home (Victoria, BC), reading this issue of the paper, we are saddened that we are not in Jaltemba Bay. I met my husband Roland, in Guayabitos, in 2007. Returning each year, has been fabulous. However, this year, we moved from Courtenay into Victoria, and decided to stay put. However, the thrill of this time, is that we are daily, re-reading journal entries and looking at photos, from the year we met, and are enjoying "being" in the bay, as well as Guadalajara and all the other places we visited! Being able to look back is almost as good as being there....but not nearly as warm! Hello to all our friends who ARE in Jaltemba Bay this year, and looking forward to another visit real soon!

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