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CAFÉ PEÑITA DE OCCIDENTE – Coffee Roasters in La Peñita

CAFÉ PEÑITA DE OCCIDENTE are our local coffee roasters. This not going to be a history of roasting nor a history of the family involved. This is a casual observation from this afternoon.

Upon driving by a couple days ago, I noticed a lot of smoke coming from their rooftop coffee cup.(see photo without smoke.)

Today, I got lucky, as the owner was just beginning to roast a batch of coffee beans for sale in their modest storefront.   He had a specific roasting schedule that he follows. I sure do love munching on those fresh roasted beans. I have attached a few photos I took today, mostly in the dark and without any sunshine.

I also had a chance to chat with his wife, who was minding the store. She was pretty much surrounded by 20 kilo plastic bags of partially roasted, coarsely ground Capomo. Capomo is a bean that looks and tastes very similar to the coffee bean but grows in much taller trees in the same area as the coffee beans. The big difference is that Capomo contains no caffeine, but still tastes similar to regular coffee.

There were 50 – 20 kilo bags (1000 kilos) of Capomo ready and waiting for a special truck sent by Starbucks to do the transport of the Capomo to Seattle. In Seattle, it will be mixed with coffee beans to produce a coffee with a combined less amount of caffeine.





Fresh roasted beans falling into a plastic bucket

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6 Reviews on “CAFÉ PEÑITA DE OCCIDENTE – Coffee Roasters in La Peñita”

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    I'm going to find out about Capomo the next time I buy coffee (always buy here). I wouldn't mind finding some beans that had less caffeine.

    1. :

      Highly recommend it. Very delicious coffee substitute.

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    Same here we love their coffee and buy it first thing. We also take it home.....but doesn't last long!

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    We only buy our coffee at the cafe penita de occidente. I love the people, I love the coffee, and I love the walk over the bridge to purchase my coffee. The price is also very good. Great coffee.

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    Great coffee. I love the Capomo on its own or mixed with McCafe decaf coffee. Hopefully the alliance with Starbucks in Seattle will not affect the availability of Capomo at their Coffee Shop.

  5. :

    Wonderful coffee. This is one of our first stops, after we arrive in La Penita.

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