Build It and They Will Come: La Peñita’s New Malecón is “Unofficially” Open

The phrase “build it and they will come” is exactly what is happening in La Peñita these days.

It has been quite a journey the last several months, as we’ve all watched with great anticipation while the new malecón in La Peñita was being constructed. Even though the official inauguration has not taken place yet, the people of La Peñita are already taking advantage of this wonderful new addition to their town.

This past week the stainless steel handrails were installed, the colorful “Ojo de Dios” logo was poured, wooden benches were put into place and light fixtures were installed and hooked up. All this has created the perfect gathering place, both day and night!

Thanks to Tiki from Las Brisas Restaurant and Adan from La Torta Movil for allowing us to share their photos.

The benches were delivered and installed on July 24

The “Ojo de Dios” logo was poured on July 26

The lamp posts were installed on July 30

And they work!

There is a lot more that needs to be done before the project is completed and we’ll bring you the news as it happens… so stay tuned.

by Allyson Williams

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14 Reviews on “Build It and They Will Come: La Peñita’s New Malecón is “Unofficially” Open”

  1. :

    WOW!!! super beau, merci à tous les travailleurs pour ce beau projet enfin réalisé. Je serai à La Penita le 4 oct. et j'ai bien hâte de revoir tous mes ami(e)s. Vive le Mexique pour sa belle température et tous les beaux coins à visiter.

  2. :

    The malecon is such a nice addition and safety feature for the shoreline. Nice to see the construction finished. Looks great. Will try out the benches in Nov. 17. I would like to find a taxi driver from La Penita who would pick myself and sister up at airport in P.V. One arrival at 2 pm one at 8:30 pm. Met nice drivers in La Penita last year but neglected to get their info to contact for pick up. Any info and price appreciated, Dorothy. We loved our visit there last year and look forward to our return soon. Thanks Marta,. Pedro, Nora, George and so many nice people we met there. Jeff and Dixie, Pat and Bruce and so many others

  3. :

    We look forward to walking on this beautiful malecon when we come down this winter--and dining at Las Brisas too, of course. I agree with the earlier post. Lots of garbage bins are a must. It will keep this beautiful malecon looking nice and clean.

  4. :

    please please let them know trash cans are very important for every one in town !!!

  5. :

    So looking forward to January when I can see it for myself. They were in the early stages of construction when we left at the beginning of Marchband it was a real mess. It appears they've done a magnificent job!

  6. :

    Doreen and I will be looking forward to walking and sitting on the benches and enjoying the new Malecon

  7. :

    How wonderful.. I love La Penita and met so many wonderful people I look forward to returning in November and wish I had a taxi driver from La Penita to pick me up Nov 17 e mil if u can in P.Vallarta airport. D

  8. : reste à ouvrir la rue sur le malecon......

  9. :

    Felicitaciones por el nuevo Malecón en La Peñita. Ya es hora de que esos pueblecitos también hagan más obras de esa naturaleza.

  10. :

    À ce que je sache tous les fils électriques seront sous terre. / As far as I know all electric wires will be underground.

  11. :

    Beautiful, looking forward to see it in person next winter. By the way, has anyone heard news about the new highway under construction from Jala to PuertoVallarta? Still due to open in december 2013?

    1. :

      the road was entirely finished till 2014 that said the director of the secretary of communications and transport

  12. :

    pourquoi n'ont-ils pas mis des poteaux électriques plus modernes et non croches. ils auraient dû y penser, il y a trop de fils électriques. dommage car c'est un très bel endroit.

  13. :

    wow this is very beautiful, congratulation to all of you. It's like to Puerto Vallarta .

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