Buenas Noches Fisherman’s Memorial in Jaltemba Bay (Panorama)

Sitting waiting for the sunset on a cloudy evening is a special time of day, and even more so when you are in paradise. My fascination of sunsets started very early in my photographic life. The final results never fails to amaze me. No two sunsets are the same, and they and their cousins sunrises are always worth the wait and… who knows what Mother Nature will design for us tomorrow.

Click to view the full 360-degree panorama below…

[iframe frameborder=”0″ src=”https://photosynth.net/embed.aspx?cid=164b11bb-6406-40e4-8b37-529e799e133a&m=false&i=0:0:0&c=0:0:0&z=528.251114960073&d=-1.45519181246261:0.599504291122557:0.617645712269062&p=0:0&t=False&delayLoad=true&slideShowPlaying=false” width=”500″ height=”300″]

by Conrad Stenton, Midland Ontario Canada

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2 Reviews on “Buenas Noches Fisherman’s Memorial in Jaltemba Bay (Panorama)”

  1. :

    Excellent example of your panoramic views, Conrad. We look forward to more of your photos.

  2. :

    Congratulations for your 360° photo of the Estero de Guayabitos.

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