Bridge of Life: A Crucial Link Between La Peñita and Rincón de Guayabitos

Approximately 11 years ago, some of the Guayabitos Residential Zone dwellers decided that they had heard of and/or watched too many locals getting injured and/or killed along Highway 200. Vendors and workers who lived in the neighboring towns of La Peñita and La Colonia and worked at restaurants, hotels or on the beaches in Rincón de Guayabitos (or vice versa), had to walk the highway to get to their jobs.

After some discussion, the decision was made to seek approval to build the “Bridge of Life.” Completed in 2003, this appropriately named suspension bridge has provided a safe and crucial link for the many daily commuters between the two towns. Because of all the use it gets, there is a need for ongoing maintenance.

Volunteers collected donations for repairs this past Thursday as people crossed the bridge on their way to the Tianguis in La Peñita. Some folks felt pressured to make a donation, but after being told that “because of people like you, this bridge gets repaired every year,” donations came freely. There is now a total of $17,122 pesos available to replace the aging boards, side fencing and the cables that suspend the fencing. More money is needed, however.

The bridge will be closed next Tuesday, January 21 from approximately 10am-4pm. Please make other arrangements if you need to get between the towns during that timeframe. There are an adequate number of volunteers already, but if anyone is interested in helping that day, refreshments and snacks would be most welcome and appreciated. Please bring these items to the Guayabitos side of the bridge after 10am. If you cannot participate in the repairs or supply refreshments, cash donations are always needed and will be accepted throughout the year via the Guayabitos Homeowner’s Association or at the bridge during the repairs.

by David Thompson

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    I will be visiting Guayabitos in Jan 2015. I have limited mobility and use a small 3 wheel electric scooter to get around. Do you think the bridge would be safe for this. ( it is quite stable but I'm not)

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    I absolutely love the communities of Guayabitos and La Penita and the authentic feel offered by the people, places, and plazas of life in Mexico. This bridge explains friendship and community shared willingly. And I love this elctronic publication, too! Thank you.

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