Bomberos Fight Grass Fire near Tennis Courts in Rincón de Guayabitos

At approximately 1:45pm this afternoon, the bomberos received an anonymous phone call stating that an area near the tennis courts in Rincón de Guayabitos was on fire, specifically the intersection of Avenida del Sol Nuevo and Avenida Los Flamingos. They responded immediately, and had the flames totally under control in less than 1½ hours (by 3:15 pm).

At 4:30pm, even though there were still some hot spots and quite a bit of smoke from the smoldering ashes, the bomberos determined that it didn’t require any further attention.

The suspected cause of the fire was a carelessly thrown cigarette butt. The tennis courts were surrounded by small grass fires that looked worse than they were. The smoke was heavy, but luckily, neither the tennis courts nor the nearby casas were affected by the flames.

I cannot necessarily say this for sure, but I’m guessing that “no tennis balls were harmed in this fire.”

Tennis Court Fire 3
Tennis Court Fire 4
Tennis Court Fire 5
Tennis Court Fire 2
Tennis Court Fire 6

by David Thompson

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    I can't believe that someone would throw a lit cigarette into dry grass….I see this all the time when I travel to and from Vancouver when careless drivers throw cigarette out their car windows…..If people want to smoke, that's ok by me, but, to throw a cigarette, still lit onto dry grass….that's not ok….I hope that person has learned a lesson by this stupid act...

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