These photos were taken from the end of the second breakwater along the beach north of the lava flow and trailer park looking back toward La Peñita. There are two retro photos, the original photo and a color adaptation of a retro. I have at least a dozen variations from color to B&W as I chose it to practice with some new photo editing software.

When the new malecon information came out I thought it would be interesting to post the view as a historical perspective of “what it used to be before the malecon.”

The view is mostly to the south of the initial construction – you can see Tiki’s umbrellas in front of Las Brisas Restaurant over the lava flow.

Photos by Dave Boroughs

Original photo

Original with color adaption

Retro photo #1 (Retro photo #2 is featured on top)

To learn more about the proposed malecon, you can read our recent article titled “New Malecon in La Peñita is Coming to Fruition.”