Barbies are not Just Toys; They are also a Community Service Project!

My name is Jacklyn Iannitti and I am a 1st year occupational therapy masters student at Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, Long Island. I was informed about Geri de Moss and the Barbie Angel Project from a 3rd year student, Samantha Heavner. I read about how Geri started the Barbie Angel Foundation and instantly wanted to help her out any way that I could.

I am the Community Service Chair for our student organization, SOTA, and thought this would be a great event to have. I printed up a letter stating what was needed and the students wanted to start collecting right away. We kept boxes in our rooms and would make weekly announcements to encourage more Barbie donations. The boxes were kept in the room for a month so we can ensure a bountiful shipment. We are a very close program and whenever we can come together to help out we jump on the opportunity.

Geri sent me multiple pictures of the children with the Barbie Dolls and my heart just melted. As an occupational therapy student, we learn that play is a very important aspect to a child’s life. Play develops cognitive, social, and communication skills. Having the Barbie dolls enables children to partake in the occupation of play. Geri and her team do such a wonderful job at cleaning and clothing the Barbie’s so they are ready for the children at Christmas time. I can’t express how happy we are as a program to help out.

Written by Jacklyn Iannitti

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