Balloon Bikes on Guayabitos Beach

On our first visit to Rincón de Guayabitos I was amazed to see these huge stacks of inflatable toys moving about and parked on the beach. Upon closer examination, there appeared to be large tricycles hiding underneath all the smooth shapes and intense blown up colours. They fascinated me and I took way too many photos of them, these are a few of the best.

Balloon Bikes Conrad Stenton 1
Balloon Bikes Conrad Stenton 4
Balloon Bikes Conrad Stenton 3
Balloon Bikes Conrad Stenton 5
Balloon Bikes Conrad Stenton 2

I was surprised to see they had vanished in 2014, so enjoy these 2013 photos of days gone by. Can’t wait to visit again, and take more pictures.

by Conrad Stenton, Midland Ontario, Canada

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  1. :

    the blow up beach toys r still on beach but when i was there, jan, feb, and march, the sellers were carrying, no bike carts were to b seen. the people r loaded down and u really cant see that a person is actually carrying all of this stuff. mayb it mellowed out, dont know. i saw alot of licenses being checked for carts ect. i stay around a few people that do report things to police that is really non of their business.

  2. :

    They are still there! At least there were from January through April, 2014.

  3. :

    the word that i got on the vanished carts of water toys when i was there last year is that guests at some of the hotels complained that they were obstructing their view of the ocean. sad but i believe true, nothing like going for a person trying to make a little money the hard way. too many gringos who want the mexicans to adapt to them instead of the other way around. not very cool. they have to walk now, carrying everything.

    1. :

      I have been to guayabitos 14 times. My observations have been such that some americans in the trailer parks do complain, because it is not like america, give me a break, it is Mexico. Not their country. The most distastefull complainers that I have observed are Canadians, FRENCH CANADIANS, they keep to themeslves, do not interact with the locals or other English speaking CANADIANS. And show little respect for the locals. ''Shamefull" Julien

      1. :

        Agreed. i see the interference in the mexican's lives and i dont know what to do about it. its the hanging of their countries flag, mostly canadian, and all the way to calling the police on a vendor they suspect of not having a license. i just dont get it. it stresses me out that i have to deal with these people.

  4. :

    We love this beach, we were there from Dec. 1 - April 1/14 we still see many of these tricycles on the beach selling everything from the swim toys to BBQ shrimp, fish, & fresh fruit. We love Guayabitos!

  5. :

    I used to see this gentleman every morning taking his various balloons and blow up toys onto the beach to sell….the odd thing is that he had one leg, and a young man helped him set up his place on the beach, where he would spend all day trying to sell his wears….by nightfall, this young man would come back to assist the one leg man put the not sold balloons back into his truck…where this man would spend the night in his truck until the next day, when he would start all over again…..this went on for weeks….I was always amazed at how this man would persist….until he sold enough balloons to move on…..I admired this man……he worked so hard to make a living…...

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