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  1. Gilles Huot
    Gilles Huot says:

    Hola! Will the “Puente de la vida” remain as is , or will it be change to a vehicule bridge on the long run ?

  2. Carole Francoeur
    Carole Francoeur says:

    Bahia de Acapulco North of the Bridge is a much busier street and in much worse state than Bahia de Banderas .

  3. Eddy Lang
    Eddy Lang says:

    I always hated the walk from the bridge of life in Guayabitos, through to the main square of La Penita, due to the large stones which littered the road. It was difficult to walk on, especially if one is legally blind, like my wife. Hopefully the change will be much more pleasant for our return in late 2019.

    DOROTHY says:

    I am impressed with the awesome cement and boulder construction on Bahia de Banderas . I have enjoyed watching the craftsmen do such a great job . LA PENITA has so much new construction and people seem even happier. Growth is always a little hard to accept but seeing so many employed has created a much better income for many families. I love the smiles and friendly welcome of the Mexician people.
    I do hope the Bahia de Manzillo where the Tiangus market is held every Thursday will be considered for the new cement and boulder road. The market is a great drawing feature for La Penita. I have seen several fall while shopping on this street. It is hard to look up and shop when you must look down all the time to avoid falling. It is difficult for strollers, wheelchairs, folks on crutches elderly and small children as well as any one trying to shop and not fall or twist an ankle. It is nice to see so much progress this season . The main Zapata Avenita looks great. . I feel very happy to be able to spend half a year in a place I love.


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