Upon close examination of these two photos, you should be able to see that the backhoe is holding up the power pole. Oops!



Sidewalks are treacherous.


Undaunted by the construction, El Pollito (Martin), dug in to the dirt to level some spaces for his sidewalk tables.





It appears that there is but one concrete block cutter. Every brick bordering on the curbs or decorative concrete spacers, needs to cut to size using this saw. Electric saw with an electric generator. To their credit, they are saving all available pieces to avoid special cutting if necessary.


When completed, this should be a work of art, albeit a very expensive one. Right now, it is very disruptive to all the businesses, whether adjacent to the Avenue or not. Crossing the avenue from the sides streets is limited, with most vehicles heading to the malecon street or the highway to get to the other side. Walking is quite dangerous because if they were to tape-off all the work areas, there would no access for anyone. Completion time guesses range from mid January to the end of March.