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Hummingbirds in My El Tonino Garden

One of the great enjoyments of my winters in the Jaltemba Bay area are the many species of hummingbirds that come to the feeders hanging in our yard in El Tonino. This little male Calliope Hummingbird (above) is just one of them. At only 3¼-inch long, it definitely falls into the “little” category! The Ruby-throated and Cinnamon […]


Black Vulture

While Black Vultures are not the most attractive birds in the Jaltemba Bay area, they do serve a necessary function – that of disposing of dead and rotting flesh (yuck!) and are basically the garbage guts of the earth. Appropriately, I took this photo at the landfill in Rincón de Guayabitos. The landfill and surrounding area is a place […]

Glorious Punto Cocodrilo Sunrise

Looking northwest over Punto Cocodrilo from a mountain elevation of 860 feet, from my casa located near El Tonino – what a glorious morning! A cool breeze and no haze with just a light smear of clouds. What had initially caught my eye though, was the intensely vivid orange coloured sky and the dark mountains […]

Chacala Boats

The gentle thumping and knocking of boats tied up at the Chacala Marina’s wharf was to me a soothing and tranquil sound. I also loved how the water undulated around and under the boats creating ever changing patterns and reflections. Small, colourful fish darted back and forth underneath the boats, they were delightful to watch! […]

Pelican and Ray in Jaltemba Bay

While sitting under an umbrella at Playa Naranjo, I was checking back through photos I had just taken of several pelicans flying quite low over the waves and deleting any out-of-focus ones. When I got to the above photo, it took me a minute to comprehend what I was seeing. Incredibly, a small ray had […]

Tosia’s View: Balanced View of Jaltemba Bay

I collect rocks. Big ones, small ones, sparkly ones, bizarre looking ones. Shapes and colours catch my eye, then something in my head says “one more, there’s room for one more!” And they somehow find their way to my home. The gardens are bordered with them, the pool was built with many truck loads of […]

My Ever-Changing View of Jaltemba Bay: Part 2

My “View” is not just of Jaltemba Bay, although it is very captivating with its striking sunsets. My home in Mexico is near the small town of El Tonino, which is just north of La Peñita and a 4.9km drive up the mountainside from Highway 200. Casa Vista Pacifica provides me a birds-eye view for […]

In Season: Passionflower and Fruit

Passionflowers are amazing to look at, and as the above photo shows, they are accompanied by a green immature fruit and a “it’s ripe when wrinkled” fruit when in season. The loveliness of the flowers with their heady perfume is one reason to have these climbing plants in your yard, but when you open up […]

My Ever-Changing View of Jaltemba Bay: Part 1

My husband and I bought our property up near El Tonino specifically for the View. I capitalize the word “View” because to me it is a particular something that requires recognition, to be set aside from just any other view. I knew it was the property for us as soon as I stood amongst the […]

Jaltemba Bay Hummingbirds – My Photo Journal

I always look forward to seeing which of the numerous species of hummingbirds I will spot first once we return to Jaltemba Bay each fall. When we arrived last week it was already dark, but the very next morning I spotted a Violet-crowned Hummingbird (Amazilia violiceps) pecking at the red tail light on our truck! […]

A Bouquet of Jamaica

One day last December around siesta time I saw one of our neighbours, Señor Garcia, riding his burro up the mountain road from his fields. I suppose what had caught my eye was the fact Bruno (the burro) was barely visible from under the armload of red coloured vegetation Sr. Garcia was carrying. Further obscuring […]

My Lime Trees Give Me More Than Fruit

Every time I return to Jaltemba Bay, the first thing I like to indulge in is… an ice-cold limonada. This thirst quenching bebida (beverage) is simply made; lots of ice, a spoonful of sugar, your choice of mineral or natural water, and the juice of several freshly squeezed limes. Aaah… to me, this is the […]

Loving Nature in Two Countries

I am a self-professed nature nut in the two countries I call home, Canada and Mexico. The passion I have for flora and fauna that shows up in my many photographs and watercolours, must have begun during my early Canadian childhood as I can’t remember a time that I didn’t have this love for nature. […]


Mound of Mud in a Gringo Tree

When my husband and I have friends up to our casa near El Tonino for the first time, after admiring the view, the first two questions they inevitably ask are, “why is that pile of mud in a tree” and “what kind of tree is that?” The answers are simple, but each one has a […]

In Bloom: Primavera and Amapa Trees

Primavera The Primavera tree of the genus Tabebuia is also called Ipe or Trumpet tree and blossoms shortly after the pink Amapa tree (see below). Both are such gorgeous harbingers of spring it’s hard to decide which I like more. This yellow specimen is in front of the Vivero Villanueva beside the La Colonia Pemex […]

Orchid Farm Tour: Beautiful and Educational

The itinerary for this private Orchid Farm tour had our group of 12 people from Guayabitos gather in San Pancho where we met up with Nicole, the tour organizer at Entreamigos, a local community education center. She gave us an informative overview of their facilities (recycling and more!), then we boarded a van and headed […]

Sweet Trail to Tepic

One day in March, my husband David and I decided to take a drive on the libre road to Tepic. The scenery is very beautiful and since we would be heading back north soon, it would leave a lovely impression on our minds. As we came nearer to the edge of the city, more and […]