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Rob’s Ramblings: Crocodile Tour

I just had the opportunity to visit “Cocodrilos del Nayar” near Las Varas. This is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for something else to do in Jaltemba Bay. The cocodrilario is located at km 77.5 just north of the El Capomo cut-off, and south of Las Varas. Watch for the Cocodrillos signs on […]

Watch Movie Online Nightcrawler (2014)

Nightcrawler (2014) HD Director : Dan Gilroy. Writer : Dan Gilroy. Producer : Jake Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Fox, Tony Gilroy, David Lancaster, Michel Litvak. Release : October 23, 2014 Country : United States of America. Production Company : Bold Films, Sierra / Affinity. Language : English. Runtime : 117 Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller. Movie ‘Nightcrawler’ […]

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Rob’s Ramblings: Packing Donations for the Trip South

We met some people at a local thrift store today who were looking at clothing and other items to donate during their first trip south, planned later this fall. Here are some ideas and comments from fellow Snowbirds who winter in Jaltemba Bay and other Mexican locations, who also donate time and resources while in Mexico. […]

Rob’s Ramblings: Trip North for Chintz

After fostering numerous kittens this past winter at the J.E.E.P. Hilltop Refugio, I guess it was only natural that we were bound to become “foster failures.” A Foster Failure is someone who offers to Temporarily take care of an animal in their home, to socialize the animal for a smooth transition into life at a […]

Rob’s Ramblings: Semana Santa – Good Friday

11am, Good Friday, April 18 – The weather is great and the crowds have arrived for Semana Santa. In discussions with a few vendors and restaurant owners, they expect Friday night and Saturday to be the busiest days. It is quite a contrast to the quiet beach in Rincón de Guayabitos a few weeks ago. (below) Rincón de […]

Rob’s Ramblings: Run-Up to Semana Santa

As of 8:30am Tuesday morning, April 15, the crowds were already arriving in mass and many people were up early to stake out beach space, reserving their spot in paradise for Semana Santa. Footnote for those setting their canopies at water’s edge: later this week, the tide will rise until mid-afternoon, so it might be […]

Side-Saddle Lessons at Hilltop Refugio and Calling All Gardeners!

Many of us enjoyed the Escaramuza, or Lady’s Charra, event last year at the bullring, as well as recall their colourful costumes in the local parades. Many of you may also remember that local Charra, Bertha Cueva, offered side-saddle lessons as a silent auction item at last year’s Jaltemba Equine Education Project’s Pony UP! for J.E.E.P. […]

Cement Pad at J.E.E.P.’s Hilltop Refugio in La Peñita is Complete

Some of you might recall an article I wrote before Christmas about a proposed cement pad at the Jaltemba Equine Education Project’s (J.E.E.P.) Hilltop Refugio in La Peñita. Funds from various donations and other sources allowed a crew to spend four days completing the horse-wash station and approximately 90 square meters of pad in front of […]

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Rob’s Ramblings: Make Sure Your Vacation Counts

Many of us have taken our first trip to a new country under the great deal of an all-inclusive resort. Plenty of sun, a sandy beach, and lots to eat and drink for a week. For those that don’t leave the gates of the resort, you really don’t get a chance to see the new […]


Rob’s Ramblings: 2nd Annual Mexi-Can Vet Project Dog Reunion in Victoria, BC

Over 85 humans and 45 dogs enjoyed the great Mexi-Can Vet Project Dog Reunion in Victoria, BC on Sunday, September 8, 2013. This has turned into an annual event organized by Dr. Malcolm Macartney’s crew from McKenzie Veterinary Service. (above) JBAR volunteers Deb Tomlinson and Sarah Walker greet Max the Dog, whom they rescued and personally […]

Rob’s Ramblings: Bug’s Summer Part 2

It is still sunny on Vancouver Island, though I’m hearing a lot of talk about going south. The air is cooler, especially in the mornings, and the humidity is getting higher. However, I guess cats can’t talk about bad-hair-days. I just don’t get the concept of shoes for cold, wet grass yet… To read Part […]

Rob’s Ramblings: Drive or Fly to Mexico?

I recently had a conversation with a few people debating their first road-trip to Mexico this coming snow-bird season. It was a great discussion, with much debate on the pros and cons. Here are a few thoughts from this discussion. There is obviously a lot more to this topic than can be covered in one […]

Rob’s Ramblings: Don’t Forget Property Taxes!

Many folks from up-north will be paying their property tax bills over the next few weeks. In one Canadian community, the city council is dealing with double-digit tax increases to recover from the loss of a major employer/tax cash-cow. However, the same city council found $4 million for an all-season artificial turf soccer field, yet […]

Rob’s Ramblings: Reality of Life in Mexico

We have all read the travel brochures for Mexico stating there is endless sunshine, sandy beaches with great swimming, and nice cold drinks. The number of frost-free days here encourages life for both plants and animals, and provides a bird and plant watchers paradise. Sure, this sounds like the travel brochure for every resort destination […]

Rob’s Ramblings: A Few Things to Watch Out For

Besides “don’t drink the water” and “watch out for pink drinks,” there are a few other things to watch out for while enjoying the country and hospitality of Mexico. Living day to day here in paradise, you see some things you would never expect to find up-north. Let’s start the series with a few common […]


Rob’s Ramblings: JBAR Las Varas Clinic November 2012

Rob Erickson regularly contributes stories about his daily life in Mexico in a series entitled “Rob’s Ramblings,” which we publish in our weekly newsletter. Rob and his wife, Heather, are dedicated volunteers at the Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) spay and neuter clinics and these clinics play a large part of their lives. Rob has […]

Rob’s Ramblings: The Sounds of Life

A local news clip here in British Columbia reminded me of the daily sounds one gets used to while living in Mexico. One Okanagan community has just banned the ice cream truck from playing it’s jingle over the loud speaker due to noise bylaws. These same local politicians and residents might have a real hurdle […]

Rob’s Ramblings: Daily Hurdles

I’ve often had friends from Up-North ask about my days here in small town Mexico. In retirement, the old line Up-North of “you don’t do the post office and bank on the same day” can be turned into “I woke this morning with nothing to do, and went to bed only half done.” Actually, that […]