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Punting on the Estuary in La Peñita

I captured this brother/sister duo on their Sunday afternoon outing. The little girl looked like a princess, minus the royal wave. Taken near the “Bridge of Life” from our rooftop casita in La Peñita. by Bea Rauch Click here to view more Photos of the Week Now it’s your turn! Email us your photos (at least 500 pixels wide) […]


Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly

So far removed from what we call “home” during the winter months, we often wonder what natural wonders you folks that live there in Mexico year round have the good fortune to enjoy during the rainy season. Surely someone must have some photographs to share! This week here in Cobourg, Ontario, we photographed the Ebony […]

Iguanas, Come on Down!

I was motivated to write this follow-up article after reading “The Almost Invisible Iguana” by Conrad Stenton from Midland Ontario in last week’s Jaltemba Bay Life newsletter. Having observed the iguanas close up for a few years, we have learned a few interesting facts about them. Yes, they are almost invisible to the untrained eye, […]

Quirks of Nature

In addition to photographing birds, this year we became intrigued with the large numbers of butterflies and to date have photographed and identified more than fifty species. Their colours and flight patterns are mesmerizing. Some of these small delicate butterflies are merely two inches long and their erratic flight presents a huge challenge in getting […]


Real Mexican Vanilla

The unseasonably rainy days have given me time to complete some research on vanilla that I started some time ago. I explored vanilla and its many uses as well as some authenticity issues. I have provided some links for those who are interested in learning more. I’m sure you’ll agree, it is a very “delicate” […]

Kids’ Stuff

“We are always the same age inside.” – Gertrude Stein Photographing children enjoying the beach is one of our favourite pastimes. There’s nothing as delightful as watching the Mexican kids on the beach as they simply have fun. It always makes me wonder where we as adults have lost the magic of our milk-and-cookie days, […]

The Art of Hair Braiding

You will not sit on the beach in Jaltemba Bay for long before you’ll be approached by a vendor with a book illustrating the type of hair braids you can have done very inexpensively. You can have your whole head done in tight braids and beads or braids done around the crown of the head. […]

Net Fishing – Evening and Weekend Ritual

Although we have seen local fishermen net fishing for bait fish occasionally, it seems the art of net fishing is a favoured form of relaxation at the end of a busy day or on weekends. Many times we have watched as a family arrives at the mouth of the estuary on the north beach of […]

In Season: Mamey

Now selling from a wheelbarrow near you… For the past two years, I have been lucky enough to encounter a vendor selling mamey out of his wheelbarrow. Last year I met him on Avenida del Sol Nuevo in Guayabitos, and this year, on the Avenida in La Peñita. With my limited Spanish, I asked him […]



The photo of the Great Blue Heron having his “lunch” was taken on the estuary just below our casita rooftop. About the Authors and Photographers: Retirees Ken and Bea Rauch live in Cobourg, Ontario, and spend several months a year in the Fall and again in the Spring in La Peñita. They have been visiting […]

Pineapples – A Major Crop in Mexico

One of our favourite hikes is to the pineapple plantations in the valley east of Highway 200. It was faster when we used to bike but, since Bea fell off her bike and broke her wrist we have taken to “hoofing it.” But slowing down gives us a chance to discover many butterflies, birds and […]

Mexican Cowboys

This photograph of local vaqueros (cowboys) was taken near La Piedra Bola. We personally know a few of the ranchers in the valley. The cowboys develop their skills in roping, branding and rounding up cattle working on the ranch. Charros, are the ones who compete in competitions known as charreadas (rodeos) where they perform rope […]

Euphoric Childhood

I love the carefree life of the kids! This photo was taken on one of our walks on the beach and this little guy was enjoying the moment. We have been coming to Jaltemba Bay since 2004 and love the area and the people. We love to walk, take photos and meet the people.