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Watch and Download Movie The Jungle Book (2016)

The Jungle Book (2016) HD Director : Jon Favreau. Producer : Jon Favreau, Brigham Taylor. Release : April 7, 2016 Country : United Kingdom, United States of America. Production Company : Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Fairview Entertainment, Moving Picture Company (MPC). Language : English. Runtime : 106 min Genre : Family, […]

Compostela: The Overlooked City

As our departure date approaches, this question presents itself… Where will the next day trip take us? Like a thunderbolt, the answer flashes from the road atlas page. There centered in bold print is the destination – Compostela, a colonial city. We’ve driven past the Nayarit city on our way to the Mexican interior, but […]

El Molote Hot Springs

As our Mexican holiday season slowly draws to a close, the desire to be on the road again beckons. Our destination was to visit the source of El Molote hot springs, a rustic spot to enjoy an amazing soak in a natural setting without the hustle and bustle of commercial enterprises. The hot springs are […]

Day Trip to El Cora Cascades

When first arriving in the Riviera Nayarit, contentment is achieved by enjoying the sun’s warm rays and splashing in the sparkling Jaltemba Bay waters… while listening to the Zac Brown Band sing “I got my toes in the water, a_ _ in the sand. Not a worry… life is good.” After two or three months […]

Nature’s Changing Palette of Color

Swimming in the sparkling waters of Bahia de Jaltemba interspersed with early morning jungle hikes comprise much of our group’s weekly activities, with the weekends reserved for downtown dining. The challenge being to determine just what our dining experience might be. Will the evening’s restaurant selection feature Italian, Mexican or International cuisine? After a few […]

Hiking “The Easy” Trail from Los Ayala

The dawn of a bright sunny Sunday morning motivated Doreen and I to leave our bungalow and hot coffee early to hike “The Easy” trail located above Los Ayala. This was our second exploratory hike of the season to determine which of the jungle trails were clear and suitable for forthcoming group hikes. With perspiration […]

The Busy Feliz Navidad Season

The numerous Christmas beach tourists in Los Ayala creates an ebb and flow of attention-grabbing human mass that is further enhanced by the numerous vendors hawking their wares. As one gazes upon the horizon, the hard working peddlers trudge the sandy playa vigorously working to sustain a living. I realize some tourists do not appreciate […]

Golden Age Backpackers: Petroglyphs near La Luz del Mundo Church in Los Ayala

Visitors and snowbirds wintering in the Jaltemba Bay area have probably visited or certainly heard of Alta Vista, a fabulous Tecoxquin (“Throat Cutters”) archeological site. What most visitors do not realize is that there are numerous, but smaller ancient sites displaying petroglyphs located right in our own backyard. One such Tecoxquin site can be found […]