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Meet Your Neighbors – Sweat Bee

MEET YOUR NEIGHBOUR  (Tongue in Cheek) The beautiful SWEAT BEE or as I prefer to call them: SWEET BEE I’d wager you’ve seen them around you or others, thought perhaps they were a colourful fly. While reports claim they are “shy” I find my personal Sweet bee to be quite social. In fact she will […]

Impossible Coconut Pie

What do we have in abundance in Mexico? Well… sunshine, great people, good food, the freshest and best veggies in the world and the fruit?? OMG… soooo good. Who doesn’t love that? But we also have coconut.. all kinds of coconut… and the shredded coconut can be found everywhere. And what makes a great last […]

Butter Tarts

For your recipe this week, I was feeling a little bit Fall-ish… so I made Butter Tarts. Not the ones in the little shells, because we can’t get the shells here… and think of the work in a hot kitchen. NO THANK YOU. And if I can bake in THIS TEMP (see photo below)… there […]

Avocado Cheesecake

Here is the recipe for Avocado Cheesecake. But what I didn’t know, and I’m guessing neither did you, was what do you do when you want to make something with an avocado and it’s not ripe? I needed to have this recipe made and a picture sent in for this newsletter… and my avocados were […]

San Pancho Surfing

We heard there was a surfing competition happening in San Francisco, or San Pancho, on August 3-4. We waited until Sunday morning to go with our pack of dogs… three to be exact. It was a beautiful day, there was sun but also a breeze, and we knew that the surfing would be fun to […]

Avocado Brownies

Can’t have flour? Want something sweet and yet healthy? Looking for a treat that you can feel good about eating it, but your taste buds can’t tell? Then try these Avocado Brownies. You can use flour, but if you have an intolerance to wheat, use coconut flour instead. Either way, these are a must have […]

Mexican Turkey Stew

This is a wonderful use for your leftover turkey… and it’s rich and comforting. No one will guess it’s made from your leftovers, and you can bet this will be a family favourite! You can make this… sit down and watch the game… curl up and watch a movie… or after, go for a long […]

Italian Bread Salad

This is one of my most favourite ways to use up stale, good quality bread. We’re blessed here in Jaltemba Bay with fine bakers who work from their kitchens and sell amazing bread at the markets or on the corners of any one of our villages. When we buy the bread I do my best […]

Margarita Pie with Pretzel Crust

While planning a dinner for our friend and contractor Norman and his wife Romy, Martin, and his wife Christina, all dear friends, I wanted something different to serve as a dessert. It’s hot here as we’re in the summer/rainy season. So, what to make? I got a letter from a cousin of mine in Alabama […]