Artist Mara Diaz is Adding a Little Color to Vista Guayabitos

Nadia Cuevas, the manager at Vista Guayabitos Restaurant in Rincón de Guayabitos, has good reason to be excited. She decided she wanted to create a fresh and more colorful atmosphere, so she went to Puerto Vallarta to interview several artists. She decided to hire Mara Diaz, a young painter and PV native. Nadia says, “Her work is the kind of art I really like. I also like the way she talks about art and how she sees life.” Mara started painting their newly remodeled space this past weekend and should be finished sometime next week.

Here are a few photos of their work in progress…

The newly painted serving stands.

The planters and bar doors are getting a bright new look as well.

For more information, menu, hours and directions, visit the Vista Guayabitos webpage.

And to read more about artist Mara Diaz, here is a link to an interview published on Visit Puerto Vallarta.

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