Just in case you didn’t get my innuendo, the title of this is the title of a song.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, there have been some disparaging remarks, on the forum, made about the prices of cerveza around here. In the past, we have enjoyed some rather inexpensive prices on our adult beverages provided by Corona and Co. These prices have ratcheted up pretty fast lately. I certainly do not appreciate the steep increases, any more than the next guy. BUT, if you look here at what your hard earned pesos are going for, you will understand. They just could not stack it any higher, so they had to raise roof.

I’ll just bet that you all have been wondering about this. Well, maybe not, but one of our ‘forever’ landmarks, Ferreteria Peña has changed its name.





Under the classification of “What, not why” The changes to main street are proceeding. It is almost ready for the pavers. Key word here is ‘almost’.





I had to slip this one in. See those two pollo near the left end? Those are two there for Taco and I. You can just barely see them for the smoke, and that is a good thing. Nummy! Pollo Asado.




I know that there are a few of you who will miss the Castillo Gentlemen’s Club on the highway between the towns. Well it’s gone, but not forgotten. It has been remodeled with a name change, Tapanko. The logo gives it all away though. Look close!

BTW, my car was only there so I could take a photo on the outside.


Here is a photo of the newly dredged rio near the Transito station. East side of the highway. I have been patiently waiting for a heavy rain to show you what happens then.

Sorry folks, the real heavy rains came after dark, so no photo. The rains were pretty darned heavy as they flooded streets just about everywhere and caused this little creek to overflow its banks.


I have included a report on the new highway. There are many optimistic guessers of when it will be open to PV, but sometime in 2020 seems to be as good as any.