Ants Be-Gone!

Have you ever posted a homemade recipe to get rid of ants? I have a great one and as you can see from the pic – it works to attract them. This pic was taken about 20 minutes after I put out the trap. They take the food home to the mother and nest, and it kills them. I was good for days and days and then another colony found their way into my home and to my horror – it was a bit bigger. I got rid of those, and yesterday an even larger colony showed up. Soon I will have all the ant colony’s dead. I am on a mission here at Villas Marena. The good news is that I am not sharing my bed with 800 roommates anymore. The little crawlers stay close to the traps now if they get in my domain.

Ants Be-Gone Recipe

1/2 icing sugar
1/2 boric Acid (Acido Borico)

I make a batch and keep it in a tight fitting container. I save all the lids from the 5 gallon water jugs. I use them for under table and chair legs to prevent scratches AND for my little traps. Just put 1/2 teaspoon in each one and set them around the areas you find an issue with ants. After awhile the mix gets hard and I need to crunch it smooth again… or replace if it has been awhile.

by Lori Schneider Wood

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    been using the same recipe for 20 years. Borateem from the cleaning aisle at the grocery store and icing sugar.

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    A good and timely (for us) article on ant control. More than a few of us have heard of your 'ant adventures!', which you told with humour but of course was ultimately a serious and pesky problem. Just about NO place, no matter how new or clean, is immune from ants anywhere 'down there' Jaltemba bay area if not all Mexico) Where we stayed in Los Ayala last year was wonderful but it had the occasional ant invasion as well. It was no big deal....except we had to be diligent to keep on top of it. We're aware that borax is pretty successful in controlling ants so we went looking for it in La Penita and even down PV but, mostly due to our poor command of Spanish, we didn't find it.'s great to see your we can look for acido borico rather than drag our own little box of borax down with us. Thanks Lori.

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    What is icing sugar?

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      Hi Barbara, it is the fine fine sugar that is used to making cake icings etc. You can get it here in Jaltemba Bay area. Not sure what the Spanish name of it is.

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    I wanted to share a pest recipe I find works well on ants spiders and all sorts of unwanted critters. mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle then add 20 - 30 drops of mint oil and mix. Spray liberally on track areas and entrance points. It works also for immediate kill needs. The after effect is a minty smelling home.

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    thank you so much for the recipe. we have a few hundreds of the little criters.i am on my way to the store to get the the boric acid. will let you know the results.

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