Announcing New Music Appreciation Lecture in San Pancho

Puerto Vallarta-based music enthusiast Paco Ojeda has accepted an invitation to present his very successful music appreciation lecture, “Ten Great Songs and Their Stories,” at EntreAmigos on Thursday, April 10, 6-8pm. The one-time event will be offered in English.

“This will be a different kind of journey,” commented Ojeda, who is known as Managing Editor for the Vallarta Lifestyles Publishing Group. “The number of truly remarkable songs out there is unimaginable. I’ve selected ten songs that I’ve come across that truly shine, because of the fascinating stories behind them, or the ones told by their lyrics. There are great composers and lyricists out there, and some of the choices will be familiar, while others will be brand-new discoveries for some.”

Ojeda is quick to admit he uses the word “lecture” with hesitation. “At home, my friends and I gather frequently to hang out, listen to music and talk about what we like about specific pieces,” he explains. “So the philosophy behind these musical encounters has more to do with sharing and inspiring, rather than with teaching.” Prior to this event, Ojeda has offered free introductory lectures to many of the operas broadcast live from New York’s Metropolitan Opera, presented at Teatro Vallarta. He has also been a guest lecturer at Puerto Vallarta’s Youth Orchestra Pitillal campus.

Some of the composers featured in “Ten Great Songs and Their Stories” include Cole Porter, Stephen Sondheim, Joni Mitchell, and music theater composer/lyricist Adam Gwon, who has provided Ojeda with personal insights about his song chosen for the lecture. Hailed as “a promising newcomer to out talent-hungry musical theater” by The New York Times, Gwon has penned several musicals produced at the Roundabout Theatre Company, Signature Theatre, South Coast Repertory, and many other theaters around the globe, including in London’s West End. A song from his musical Ordinary Days will be showcased during the lecture.

The audience will learn about each song’s unique background through specially-produced videos with lyrics that will projected, providing distraction-free understanding of their meaning in each song.

“Ten Great Songs and Their Stories” will be presented at EntreAmigos on Thursday, April 10, at 6pm. Tickets are $100 pesos per person, available at EntreAmigos. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to EntreAmigos by the presenter. “This project has been dear to my heart for many years. It is a pleasure to find creative ways to contribute to it even more,” he commented.

Ten Great Songs and Their Stories

A 90-minute Entertaining Music Appreciation Lecture by Paco Ojeda

Date: Thursday, April 10
6-8 pm
Place: EntreAmigos, Avenida Tercer Mundo #12, San Pancho (website)
Price: $100 pesos per person

Paco Ojeda-mid

Celebrate the unique talent of one-of-a-kind composers and lyricists through video performances of their songs.

Paco Ojeda is Managing Editor at Vallarta Lifestyles Publishing Group. He received a degree in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA, and lectures about classical and popular music locally.

Praise for Paco Ojeda’s Music Appreciation Lectures

“I was extremely humbled, honored and more appreciative than I thought possible for your lecture on our Acústico CD.”

– Kim Kuzma, singer/songwriter

“A great musician and presenter. A brilliant idea and addition to the booming music and theater scene in Puerto Vallarta”

– Sharon Baughman, singer and vocal coach

“I love learning more about what we already love!”

– Julie Guerrero, owner, No Way José!

For more information, feel free to contact Paco Ojeda directly at

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