Dear Allyson,

How can I THANK this wonderful man. He saved my tablet after I lost it in his store – Super Don Pedro’s in La Peñita – and when he gave it to me after many anxious searching for hours, he tells me everyone who may loose anything in my store will have it safely returned to them. I have told as many people as I can so far of this great experience in La Peñita, but it will reach many more in your publication. Thank you for sharing…

My tablet is worth about $700. I truly thought it was lost to the person who would find it. It was merely a guess on my part that I had left it in the store. My sister encouraged me to return there and ask to see if anyone had seen it. I was not too anxious to do that, I was tired and thought I would not get it back if anyone found it there in the store.

When I entered the store, I went right to the lady who checked me out with my earlier purchases. I asked about the tablet, immediately she nodded her head and said something in Spanish to her co-worker who then called out for someone. The man I told you about came to me with the tablet. I sighted and felt the biggest smile emerging from me feeling overall relief. My pictures are not lost. I kissed his cheek after he told me no one looses anything in this store.

P.S. For me it was very interesting when I told my neighbor about what happened. He asked me if I had learned anything. I thought, and with a big smile, I told him I learned the importance of trusting and having a more positive attitude about how good people can be and are everywhere.

Warm regards,
Carroyl Taylor, a grateful tourist in La Peñita