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As Banderas Bay, Jaltemba Bay and the surrounding communities continue to expand, it becomes increasingly challenging to bring you all the news in a clear, concise manner. And while Jaltemba Bay Life might be considered a little fish in the big sea of news and reporting, we are excited to announce that we have recently joined forces with some bigger fish of the likes of Virtual Vallarta, PV Pulse and PV Mirror to increase the awareness of responsible journalism.

“Some of us spend a considerable amount of time crafting a news story from scratch, doing research, conducting interviews, and complementing it with original photographs, only to see it reproduced elsewhere without consent,” commented Vallarta Lifestyles Managing Editor, Paco Ojeda in his recent article entitled Local News Outlets Coalesce for Responsible Journalism.

This local group of websites and publications has been collaborating on this venture since January 2013. We call ourselves “Responsible Journalism” and we are committed to providing readers with relevant original content about news and events taking place in and around our area. Our goal is to work together to establish and abide by fair-use guidelines, to respect all editorial content (words and images) published by others, and to promote the best our destination has to offer.

Other local and regional news outlets are welcome to join us on our quest for responsible journalism. Our guidelines are posted in the footer of each of the participating websites.

Learn more about Responsible Journalism and our guidelines.

by Allyson Williams

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