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Additional Main Street Construction Photos

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If you look closely at this photo, this man is draining the water from the street using a cut-out
plastic water jug, transferring it to a 20 liter pail and lugging it off. Manual labor at its finest!



Patience is a virtue!

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4 Reviews on “Additional Main Street Construction Photos”

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    An excellent job of keeping all of the lovers of Los Ayala to La Penita informed!

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    Mexicans are the best brick/tile layers I've ever seen. Wish I was able to come back to La Penita to see the new Avenida. When I'm in La Penita I stay at Casita de La Penita with Bob and Linda Gibbs. (Linda is my sister).

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    Very hard workers ... the Avenita will look amazing

  4. :

    Where did they start to repair and lay the bricks? At the highway end of the Avenida or down at the square end??

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