See the Academy Awards live from Hollywood at the Oscar Party this Sunday, February 24, 2013 beginning at 5pm at Zapata 32, a large venue on the Avenida in La Peñita. It has seven large television screens, and is an ideal place to watch the Academy Awards.

This is an opportunity for the ladies to wear that special dress, that special jewellery, and to have your photo taken on the “red carpet.” As you enter, Mae West and her handsome friends will greet you with champagne.

With your ticket, you will receive an envelope containing the nominations for ten categories and ten ballots. These ballots will be filled in, placed in the appropriate boxes, and as the winners are announced in LA, we will draw winning ballots here in La Peñita and award Oscars and prizes.

There will be lots of food served throughout the evening, 50/50 draws and a discounted cash bar.

After the award show is over in LA we will have a special floor show.

Come and enjoy Oscar Night La Peñita style!

Date: Sunday, February 24
Time: 5pm
Place: Zapata #32, La Peñita
Tickets: Tickets are $300 pesos with the proceeds going to Los Amigos de Jaltemba. Only 150 tickets will be sold. Your tickets can be purchased at the Tianguis on Thursday.

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