Lori Schneider Wood, aka Los Ayala’s Pippi Longstocking, leads an informal group on hikes to Punta Raza during the spring months. The group typically includes myself, Linda Jeannotte and other women enjoying vacation in Los Ayala who are up for a little adventure. We typically bring along a few bags to pick up any litter found on the beach. We also follow Lori’s hiking mantra which is to leave nothing behind but your footprints. After the hike, we stop to enjoy a leisurely breakfast at one of the local restaurants in El Monteón and take the colectivo back to Los Ayala.

Romy Mora, Regidora Jaltemba Bay, joined our group of gals this one spring day for the hike to El Monteón from Los Ayala via Punta Raza. She kept up with our group of diehard hikers just fine, although I do recall her looking for a taxi along the way.

About the Photographer: Christina Stobbs is a writer and photographer who lives in Los Ayala year round with her husband Robert. As a photographer, she feels fortunate to live in an area so rich in flora and fauna, and abundant in natural beauty. She enjoys landscape and wildlife photography, and has a fondness for pelicans. Most recently, she starting selling her photos with stock companies Dreamstime and Big Stock Photos. As a writer, she states that living in Mexico is perfect because each and every day is full of surprises. To view more of Christina’s work, click here.

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