A Reflection by Picasso

The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away.
– Pablo Picasso

Thankfully, I found my “gift” many years ago. At first, I reveled in the discovery of how amazing it is to express your emotions through artwork. Then there was the multitude of mediums to explore. That kept me busy for years. However, the best part of finding your “gift” is truly giving it away!

What better place to give a “gift” away but here in La Peñita at the Community Cultural Center! In case you aren’t aware of it, there is a relatively new center in La Peñita right off the main avenida. It is run by a tireless amazing woman, Vicky Rodriquez. There are many wonderful programs going on at the center every day.

So what are we doing, you might ask? With the help of Linda Webb, we have rounded up a team of eight children (four boys and four girls) and we are creating a glass mosaic wall mural entitled “La Bonita de La Peñita.” The topic was chosen by the kids. It enabled them the freedom to put together their own ideas within their own 16 x 16-inch square. Within that square, they are using colored glass to create their designs. Around the periphery of the squares, we will be making a mosaic by using broken colorful tiles. The mural, when finished, will measure 4 x 8 feet.

The kids range in age from 9-14 years. They have no previous experience in glasswork or mosaics, but are moving right along. They got the hang of it quickly and are experimenting with their own styles. It’s glorious to watch them create! It’s also amazing to watch them interact with each other, offering ideas and helping one another. A special confidence is building in each and every one of them. The best part is when they get “emocionado.” That is when they get emotionally connected to their work and actually go home and dream of it!

When asked what their favorite part of this project is, Angel, Azucena, Rosa and Marianna said they enjoyed the challenge of designing; Jose, Karen and Sammy simply love working with glass; and Pablo is enchanted with mixing the colors!

Angel’s dad lives in Guerrero and we were able to post some pictures of his son’s progress so that his dad could be connected even though he is far away.

Boy’s artwork

Girl’s artwork

So let’s get back to Picasso.

Everyone has a gift and the CCC is a wondrous place to “give” it away! Get ready and bring down what you might need to put together an outstanding experience with the kids or adults in our remarkable community! For me, this has truly been an amazing adventure and a stepping stone to the future (ha ha ha, get it, we can make stepping stones next)!

by Jo Lorimer

Jo Lorimer owns Glassworks Studio in La Colonia. To learn more about her classes and workshops in stained glass, fused glass, glass jewelry, mosaics and stepping stones, visit Glassworks Studio.

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    My wonderful friend... I knew what your gift was since we were 5 years old! You have done amazing things but sharing your gift with children and inspiring them as you are... well, there is nothing better than that! I am sure there is a good sprinkling of love and laughter as well as sharing your amazing talents!!!

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    What a wonderful thing you are doing Jo. Showing a great sense of pride in the gorgeous pieces. You should all be proud of the masterpiece you have created. Bravo

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    Jo, I knew you had wonderful and inspiring stories inside you, waiting for the moment. The mosaics that the children are doing are complex with many components, colors and ideas and you were able to inspire them. What a gift you have and so many things to teach everyone.

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