A Cleaner Playa Los Ayala

If you have visited or walked the cleaner playa in Los Ayala this year, you may have noticed that the beach is very clean. Twice a week, for the past six months, a group of 30 locals have been raking the sand and picking up litter. This was initiated and is spearheaded by a local fisherman, Rigo Hernandes. Three teams of ten people – children, teens, men and women – take turns cleaning the beach every Monday and Friday.

They do this faithfully, as volunteers, and have not asked for anything in return. A few of the hotels, restaurants and local residents have supported the group by providing money for rakes, garbage bags, etc.

Los Ayala Playa 2

As a result of this effort and commitment, the beach experience for all visitors and tourists has been a pleasant one.

We wanted to let the local volunteers know that their work is valued. Recently, we approached friends and beach users, asking for any donations they would like to contribute to do something to thank the committee. An amount was gathered, and with Rigo’s assistance, it was decided to purchase food bags for the volunteers.

Yesterday after beach clean-up, the bags were distributed to each helper. All received identical amounts and items of dried and/or canned foods. Many thanks and smiles were given!

by Myrna and Kevin Field

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    The volunteers have done a wonderful job! Thank you Rigo, for heading this up.When I am there I will help too!

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    We did notice all the volunteers. Their efforts were sincerely appreciated. There has been much improvement also with the streets being kept cleaner too!

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    Thank you so much Rigo for heading up this positive contribution to Los Ayala. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers as well.

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    Thank you Rigo and volunteers for the great job! I noticed how great the beach looked this year as opposed to last time I stayed at El Delfin. Will gladly join in when there!!! Thanks again!

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    We did see several times the ladies and children walk by raking and picking up trash. We love Los Ayala beach and I don't hesitate to pick up trash either and would be happy to volunteer too! What a grand idea. Thank you volunteers!

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    Thank you! Would it be feasible leaving rakes and bags out for beach goers to sweep when they come by?

  7. :

    Good job Rigo, leading by example, good for you!

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