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Additional Main Street Construction Photos

 ***  New additions  ***             If you look closely at this photo, this man is draining the water from the street using a cut-out plastic water jug, transferring it to a 20 liter pail and lugging it off. Manual labor at its finest!             Patience is a virtue!

Extortion In Acapulco - Everyone Pays

This is how it works in Mexico.  Acapulco specifically.... In Acapulco there are two new ways to extort: ​​through messages to make deposits in Oxxo stores and with express kidnapping. Organized crime gangs operate impersonally, but if someone does not give their "quota, week, right of flat or protection, pay with life". The…
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New 194,000 SqFt Terminal Planned For Puerto Vallarta Airport

PUERTO VALLARTA AIRPORT TO BEGIN PLANS FOR NEW 194,000 SQUARE FOOT TERMINAL With a new terminal that will cover an area of 19,400 square meters, and more international connections to be launched at the end of the year and the beginning of the next, Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP) announced big plans for the next year at the Puerto…

Ban Politicians To Eliminate Crime

October 13, 2018  •  Vallarta Daily News As violent crime overtakes Mexico, one small town seems to have things figured out. They discovered that the root of all their problems was the politicians and they kicked them out. Not only that, but they’ve also banned elections and gathered up all political propaganda. Politics…
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Ave. Emiliano Zapata Reconstruction

                  Upon close examination of these two photos, you should be able to see that the backhoe is holding up the power pole. Oops!             Sidewalks are treacherous.       Undaunted by the construction, El Pollito (Martin), dug in to the dirt to level some spaces for his sidewalk…