2018 El Famoso Horseshoe Tourney

The annual El Famoso Horseshoe Tournament for 2018 was moved to a different location at the last minute, but despite this adversity, was very successful, thanks to a myriad of volunteers, attendees and observers.  Here are the results:

A total of $22,650 pesos was raised and donated to the Community Cultural Center in La Peñita.

Horseshoe Tourney Results
A Division
1st >Merv Swanson & Ann Legros
2nd >Al Devon & Donna Percival
3rd> Bob Ridler & Val Schrowe
Dead Ass Last (DAL) >Bob Butler & Shirley John

B Division
1st> Paul Hince & Lynn Dahl
2nd> Roger Dusome & Kelly Roussy
3rd> Ivor Mawle & Terri Martinello
DAL > Pat McMillen & Christine Desautels

C Division
1st>  Skip Wright & Roger Evans
2nd> Clint Meays & Dan Bell
3rd> Don Voysey & Tim Evans
DAL> Al Claudra & Al Seriani

D Division
1st > Kay Vincent & Frank Martinello
2nd >Len Karran & Rob Cundy
3rd> Dale Williamson & Steven Dillinger
DAL> Patty Johnson & Byron Johnson

We look forward to the 2019 Event Saturday February 9th.

Dave Howell

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  1. :

    What a great time! All of the volunteers were awesome! The MC's, the Chef's...i'm sorry, I don't know any of your names. The competition was great fun to watch and I am looking forward to next year already. Plus, big plus...the north end of the beach was a perfect spot. Mucho Gracias!

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