18 Young Local Women Off to University with Jaltemba Bay Fashion Show Educational Grants

The 2014 Women to Women Fashion Show event in January is making a difference for the young women of Jaltemba Bay. Thanks to the generosity of all the supporters and guests, the Fashion Show (FS) had lots of funds to give away this year (see financial statement at end of article). The FS Grant Committee voted to use 70% of event proceeds to sponsor university level scholarships for young area women. In addition, the subcommittee also decided to reach out to current Conalep and prepa (high school) graduates for the first time. The immediate student response was shocking! Who knew we had so many motivated grads wanting to attend university?

After reviewing the completed student application packets – which include transcripts and letters of recommendation – the individual met for a personal interview. Lastly, the selected young ladies were notified by an email letter that outlined their award. For 18 Jaltemba Bay families, receiving notice of the FS scholarship was the answer to their families’ prayers, and the next step towards a better future for these 18 exceptional young ladies.

Fashion Show 1
Zulma and Belinda; (above) Celene and Ana

Fashion Show 2
Catelana and Fernanda

Fashion Show 4
Lesly and Rocio

Fashion Show 3
Ana and Andrea

Fashion Show 5
Paulina and Nicole

How They Qualify

In order to apply for a Women to Women Fashion Show Educational Grant, applicants must complete a packet that includes the most recent official transcript, faculty letters of recommendation, family economic data and a personal essay that explains the student’s goals and dreams (in Spanish and English). The last phase is a personal interview in which her poise and maturity can make a difference.

All applicants (females only) must reside within the Jaltemba Bay area, have a superior academic record and demonstrate financial need. As a resident of our small town, the committee knows that a huge expense for all the students is travel/housing costs to go where the higher education facilities are located. That’s why FS awards are technically ‘educational grants’ as opposed to a scholarship; these awards cover ancillary expenses, not just tuition.

To All Who Attend the Yearly Event

That good time with your girlfriends is changing lives for generations. During the next Women to Women Fashion Show, scheduled for Tuesday, January 27, 2015, the scholarship ladies will be introduced. Amongst the 18 FS sponsored students, there is a wonderful array of study being pursued: two pre-med, two pediatric med, one architect, two nursing, three physical therapy, four business areas (public accounting and economics), one graphic design, one graduating teacher, one future lawyer and one tourism management.

Thank you to all who donate and attend the Fashion Show!

For more information: Contact the FS co-chairs: Robi Smallwood at smallwoodrobi@gmail.com or Yvonne Trottier at trottieryvonne@gmail.com for more information or if you would like to volunteer in some way with this wonderful organization. There are lots of small or big jobs that could use your help. Perhaps you would like to help with sponsorship of a student or any other FS objective, please go to www.mujeresamujeres.com to donate by clicking the donate button. At the website, you may also request the current Fashion Show educational grant application in English or Spanish version (two pages each).

Fashion Show 2014 Financials

Fashion Show 2014 Financials

by Fashion Show Grant Committee

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