Jaltemba Bay, Rincón de Guayabitos



Discover the “real” Mexico...

before the rest of the world

finds out!

Playa Boca de Naranjo, Costa Capomo

photo by Jasmine Hohenstein



Finding the perfect place to stay

is easy. Leaving, however,

may prove far more difficult.

Blue corn tacos with black beans, San Pancho



There’s an abundance of fresh

and flavorful food

around nearly every corner.

Release sea turtles, Rincón de Guayabitos



Do as much as you want –

or nothing at all –

the choice is yours!



The surrounding towns,

Fishing boats, Chacala

photo by Jasmine Hohenstein

mountains, bays and beaches

are waiting to be discovered.



From hammocks and linens,

Tianguis Market, La Peñita

to pottery, glassware and jewelry –

you’ll find it all here.



Unwind, recharge and enjoy

Horseback riding, Playa Lo de Marcos

photo by Jasmine Hohenstein

a vacation experience

like no other!



Experience endless adventures

Beautiful beach at Playa Las Tortugas

and the secluded hideaway

you’ve been looking for.



Embrace the deep-rooted

Día de los Muertos mural, Rincón de Guayabitos

Mexican culture and our many

festivals and traditions.

Welcome to Nayarit, Mexico

Mexico’s Pacific Coast is known for its charming coastal towns, pristine bays, jungle-covered mountains, golden sand beaches, spectacular sunsets, diverse flora and fauna, fabulous food, great shopping, outstanding surf breaks, world-class golf courses, and friendly hard-working people. Here, you’ll find the perfect mix – from quaint fishing villages to secluded beach hideaways, from flea markets to chic boutiques, from micheladas to martinis, from budget hotels to ritzy gated resorts – and they’re all waiting to be explored. 

Whether you plan to visit for a week or you’re a long-time local, Explore Nayarit can help you find everything you need to know.

Come experience the “real” Mexico… before the rest of the world finds out!

Need Some Inspiration?

Top 10 Things To Do

Our team has put together a list of Top 10 fun and interesting things to do to ensure that you take advantage of everything our area has to offer, no matter whether you’re vacationing here for a week or you live here year-round!


We enjoy over 320 days of sunshine per year, with temperatures averaging 82°F (28°C). Because our coastal towns are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range on the east, you can run your toes through the sand, play in the water, hike, bike and explore to your heart’s content.

Events & Holidays

There are several local festivals, holidays, classes, events and fundraisers worth planning your week (or trip) around – and lucky for you, you can learn more on our event calendar. Don’t forget to add your event… it’s free!

Plan Your Trip

Our Visitor Guide, Directory and event calendar make it easy to learn how to get here, where to stay and what to do.

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