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  • My name is Marco Ojeda and I am a Dog Behavior Consultant (an interpreter of the canine communication system for humans), rehabilitator and trainer. I work through observation, communication and positive reinforcement. I have an in-depth and practical knowledge of utilitarian dogs such as with protection, green dogs and sports, I rehabilitate dogs with a range (from mild to severe) of behavioral and emotional issues, while working with humans to improve their understanding of and communication with dogs.

    I live in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México (where I was born) with my human, dog and cat family. I travel throughout Mexico (as well as outside of Mexico) to assist dogs with their humans, both in English and Spanish.

    “The reality is that we blame our dogs for our shortcomings in not knowing how to communicate with our beloved pets. While I am still learning and practicing the “canine language” every day, these beings are continually teaching me and that satisfies me”. 

    – Marco Ojeda

    About You and Your Life with Dogs

    Your dog is a precious member of your family and plays an important role in your life – and you in his life as well. But despite the shared love and affection you have with your companion, you may have discovered that life with dogs can sometimes be complicated. 

    Are you looking to improve communication? To modify behavior? To help your animal companion be emotional, well and balanced? To better understand him or her? Or maybe you simply want to deepen your bond with your furry companion?

    With all the information available to us today – from books to the internet to DVDs – you may find yourself even more confused with information overload. The various perspectives of veterinarians, dog trainers and dog behaviorists may also complicate matters further. You’ve tried different techniques and nothing seems to work. You need help.

    And that’s why I’m here – for you and for your dog. I will remove the complications and find simple, practical and effective ways to deal with these issues.

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    Call or email to schedule a session.

    My professional experience, collaborations and references will be provided upon request.

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  • How Can I Help?

    I offer one-on-one support for you and your dog in the privacy of your own home, anywhere in México or out. During our consultation(s), I will diagnose and evaluate by observing the dog-human dynamics in their environment. Detection and intervention is very important to prevent harm or misunderstandings.

    I will offer advice and training that humans (family) need to help develop communication (dogs can’t know what you want if you don’t explain it to them in a clear manner) and other activities of daily living with the special provisions they may require (the treatment will be determined for each special case) through theory and practical experience.

    At the end of each session, I give homework to the humans (dogs, like humans, learn by repetition) and schedule follow-up and re-evaluation sessions, in order to develop a training/treatment plan.

    What I Do

    I provide the environment and situations to enable the social, psychological, cognitive and emotional functions for the canine species and individuals through communication, therapy and training without the use of choke, prong, halters or any other apparatus that promises a “better behavior.”

    I am not proposing something new, mostly something old, clearer and integral. I work alone and make a team with you and are able to collaborate with your veterinarian, therapist, counselor, etc.

    How to Get Started

    Contact me via the form below and I will email you a questionnaire. Please fill out the questionnaire as honestly as possible so we can focus on the true nature of the issue(s) you have with your dog.

    Prices will vary depending on how many sessions and/or days you would like me to work with you, the location, plus expenses. Sessions typically last 1½ hours. A deposit is required in advance to confirm your session(s). Once your session schedule is confirmed this deposit is non-refundable, and cancelations or rearranging days/times may result in an additional fee or loss of your session time.


    Dog Behavior Consultation

    • Anxiety / Stress
    • Destructive Behavior (chewing, scratching, etc.)
    • Aggression (dog-to-dog or dog-to-human or other species)
    • Phobias / Fears
    • Excessive Barking
    • Counter Surfing
    • Self-Mutilation
    • Sad
    • Too Much Energy
    • Obsession (with food, toys, people, etc.)
    • Doesn’t Like to be Touched
    • Does Not Eat

    Dog Training

    • Puppy Training
    • Potty Training
    • Basic Behaviors (sit, down, walk on leash, etc.)
    • Off Leash (come when called at the park, long stay, etc.)
    • Specific Behaviors (mental activity, occupational exercise, work around the house or protection)
    • Walk without Pulling
    • Agility (obstacles)
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    5 Reviews on “Marco Ojeda Dog Behavior, Rehabilitation and Training”

    1. :

      I had a session with Marco and my 10-year old Jack Russell Terrier, Brew, while staying Guayabitos in April. I was very impressed with Marco's ability to understand our dog's behaviour and provide recommendations not only for Brew, but to help with the other four in our pack, that were back in Canada! We have been trying to work through some dominance issues with Brew and one of our rescues, Queso. Once I had explained some of the behaviours, Marco was able to pinpoint some of the issues causing the problems and provided methods of improving the situation. Many thanks Marco! I will be booking a Skype session with you to work more with the whole pack. Gracias, Cinnamon y Brew

    2. :

      Milo (my 10 month old Schnauzer) and I spent 4 great sessions with Marco last week. I learned so much about how a dog views us and their world around them. He worked with us in teaching Milo some simple commands and working with them to raise the level of difficulty slowly. He has a great understanding of dogs and really does get their best out of them. Thank you Marco and we hope to work with you again Robi, Dan and Milo

    3. :

      We can recommend Marco to everyone who owns and loves a Dog. Our Puppy, Bella, is a total different Dog and responds to our commands. She is a 7 month old miniature Schnauzer and bonded with Marco right away.

    4. :

      A Great Learning Experience For Any Pet Owner!! Marco, through his innate ability to understand and intuitively feel the needs of both animals and humans brought an involved, informative, and totally engaging learning experience to my family and our pet. Marco’s warmth, compassion along with his ability to quickly observe and read the situation causing the problem (in our case, needless barking) was amazing. He quickly picked up on verbal and audio cues which resulted in barking and talked about the perception as seen through the eyes of our dog regarding these cues... such as responsibility overload. Through Marco’s session, we were able to understand the problem and why our dog was responding in such a way. Marco also offered various ways to eliminate the problem. It is now up to us to work on his suggestions! Most importantly, Marco brought us into a deeper understanding of the psyche of our dog, to put within our grasp, a sense of how our dog thinks, and how to act like a pack leader resulting in a pet who is more relaxed and trusting. I personally gained many insights into why dogs behave as they do. As founder of Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR), these insights will help me work more confidently with our street animals in the future. I totally recommend Marco! Our four sessions with him were thoroughly enjoyable! All of us benefitted from our experience immensely...two and four legged alike!

    5. :

      An Amazing Dog Experience! Marco has an amazing ability to understand how your dog looks at life... from their perspective. The sessions are intense and the homework is challenging to say the least, but if you are willing to take the time to listen, truly listen, you will be able to communicate with your dogs like never before. Thank you Marco for helping us to better understand our beloved Taco and Panchito, and for providing us with the tools to lead them so we can all be a happier, more unified family. I can't wait for you to return to Jaltemba Bay!

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