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    Beach Dog Boarding & Salon has been in business in Lo de Marcos, Nayarit, Mexico since 2006. We offer dog & cat boarding, dog grooming… and when our schedule permits… we offer doggie day care and a pet taxi service.

    Our boarding facility and salon is set on a spacious 600 square meter lot surrounded by a tall brick wall filled with plants, shade and lots of good energy so your pets will always be safe and comfortable. We always maintain a high-standard of cleanliness that we are very proud of. Special care is always given to senior dogs & cats.

    We offer your dog a first-class, professional bath and grooming experience – and we guarantees that your dog will look great and feel much cooler and more comfortable during those long beach walks.

    We are not your “typical” dog boarding facility where they are locked up all day. With the exception of some delicate dogs or special situations, most of our dogs run together freely to play, sniff and explore doggie camp and our numerous large kennels. Their beds are put into separate kennels, but we usually leave the kennel doors open so dogs can come and go as they like, day or night.

    We added a new Cat House (for felines only) in 2008 which has been a huge success. It is divided into separate suites that are completely enclosed, airy and spacious for short or long-term boarding.

    Our facility has two entry gates to ensure that no pet ever accidentally escapes while someone is entering or leaving the grounds. Our Golden Rule: NEVER have both gates open at the same time!

    Your pets SAFETY and COMFORT is always our biggest concern – and our success comes from keeping our guests HAPPY so they look forward to their return! They’re our best advertising.

    – Melanie Blair, Owner & Groomer

    Hours & Details

    Monday-Saturday: Open by appointment only
    Sunday: CLOSED

    Directions: See map tab for location and detailed directions.

    Reservations: Please keep in mind that we spend our time cleaning, grooming and caring for our guests, and are not often at our desk. ONLY phone us if you do not have access to the internet, or if you need to book a last-minute reservation.

    Please email us for more information about our services and to make a reservation.

    Business Categories: Pet Services

  • Dog Boarding

    Beach Dog Boarding 6Beach Dog Boarding & Salon offers your dog a vacation of their own while you’re away. Some dogs stay for a few hours, while others stay for many months. All dogs are supervised and kept in a very safe situation, and we are always here to take care of your special family member’s needs. The owner lives on the premises, so there is always someone around even at night and during those occasional thunderstorms. Dogs that are not 100% socialized or trustworthy are kept in a separate area when not supervised. Aggressive dogs or females in heat are not allowed under any circumstances.

    We love dog psychology and with so many sizes and personalities, we are very careful to ensure our guests are safe. Dogs are fed twice a day and we prefer that you bring your dog’s regular food so they go through as few changes as possible. We feed our own dogs 4-Star Kirkland brand dog food from Costco (Pedigree, Beneful & Purina are the worst with a 1-Star rating).

    Bring an old bed or towel if you like, but please leave your pet’s expensive beds at home. This is a dormitory-style environment. Some dogs prefer to sleep in their own crates, which we will be more than happy to accommodate. We do whatever it takes to make your dog comfortable! Please plan ahead for reservations, especially during the Christmas.

    Daily Rates

    • 1 Dog – $200 pesos/day
    • 2 Dogs – $300 pesos/day
    • 3 Dogs – $450 pesos/day
    • 4 Dogs – $500 pesos/day

    Possible $50 peso per day additional charge for high maintenance dogs or destructive puppies.

    Monthly Rates

    • 1 Dog – $4,000 pesos/month  ($8.88 USD per day*)
    • 2 Dogs – $7,000 pesos/month  ($7.78 USD per dog per day*)
    • 3 Dogs – $9,000 pesos/month  ($6.67 USD per day per dog*)
    • 4 Dogs – $10,000 pesos/month  ($5.55 USD per day per dog*)

    Food NOT included. Please bring enough of your dog’s regular food for their entire stay.
    *Indicates approximate price at current exchange rate (15 pesos to 1 USD).

    “Special Needs” Dogs
    May include un-neutered males or un-spayed females, dogs requiring a lot of medications, dogs that need to be kept separate from the pack due to behavioral reasons, destructive puppies, old, fragile dogs or special 5-Star pampering with A/C as needed.

    • 1 Dog – $250 pesos/day or $5,000 pesos/month
    • 2 Dogs – $400 pesos per day or $8,000 pesos/month


    1. Your dog must be HEALTHY and social with other dogs.
    2. Your dog must be on a regular flea & tick treatment (equivalent to Frontline or Revolution).
    3. Your dog must be completely free of fleas & ticks or request a Flea & Tick Bath at check-in.
    4. Your dog must be current with ALL vaccinations (distemper, parvo, rabies) and HEALTHY!
    5. Your dog must have a current Bordatella nasal injection for kennel cough (in addition to the standard vaccinations).
    6. Payment in full is required at check-IN. Peso or USD (no credit cards).

    Many dogs are on regular medications and we are happy to continue that schedule for our guests. We DO require all medications to be clearly labeled with written instructions. This service is usually free, depending on the complexity. Dogs with anything contagious are not allowed.

    Dog Grooming

    Our “almost” state-of-the-art grooming salon features a walk-in tub for big dogs and every tool needed to make your dog look their very best.

    beach dog boarding dog 1

    Melanie, our Groomer & Owner, offers everything from our FULL-Service Bath to a Breed Profile Beach Cut or Magnificent Mutt Beach Cut. Grooming appointments are ALWAYS required so please plan ahead during the busy grooming season (November to March). She can only groom so many dogs a day because she DOES NOT rush the dogs… and of course, special care is always given to senior dogs.

    Dogs with confirmed grooming appointments need to arrive at 10am PV Airport time (9am La Peñita time). Dogs will usually be ready for pick-up between 2-5pm PV Airport time, depending on the schedule for that day.

    Most services will be charged at the minimum rate… however… for dogs that are badly matted, extra large or are a major challenge to groom due to behavioral problems, an additional $50-250 pesos may be charged.

    FULL-Service Bath & Blow Dry

    • $350-400 pesos for most dogs  ($23.33-$26.67 USD*)

    All pets are given two warm shampoos using top-quality Coat Handler Shampoo,
    followed by Coat Handler Coat & Skin Conditioner. Ears are cleaned during their bath with
    Oxy Fresh ear cleaner, which has a drying agent so no worries about ear infections.
    After your pet has been towel-dried, they are completely dried with a high-velocity dog dryer and thoroughly brushed and combed out. Nails are filed using a Drummel file so we don’t cut their kwik. If needed, dogs are given a sanitary trim and their feet are neatly trimmed. When you pet is finished, they are placed in a clean and safe modular cage with fresh water until they are picked up.

    FULL-Service Hair Cut

    • $450-500 pesos for small-medium size dogs  ($30-$33.33 USD*)
    • $500-1,000 pesos for most big dogs, cockers, poodles and doodles, etc.

    In addition to everything listed above for the Full-Service Bath & Blow Dry,
    Melanie can groom your dog any way you like. She specializes in the Terrier Group,
    but is able to groom any specific Breed Profile OR give your dog a comfortable Beach Cut.

    Cat Boarding

    beach dog boarding cat 2We built a comfortable Cat House (for felines only) in 2008 that is airy and open, yet completely enclosed and divided into separate “Cat Suites,” and it doesn’t take long for your cat to realize they are safe and comfortable. Our cat boarders get lots of stimulation with the activity of people around, lots of birds nearby and dogs a few fences away – or they can sleep the day away in one of the many holes that cats seem to love.

    Cats are attended to multiple times a day including changing their water bowls and cleaning their litter boxes. We prefer you bring your cat’s regular food so they go through as few changes as possible, and we will follow the feeding schedule your provide us.

    Daily Rates

    • 1 Cat – $125 pesos/day
    • 2 Cats – $200 pesos/day
    • 3 Cats – $250 pesos/day

    Monthly Rates

    • 1 Cat – $2,750 pesos/month  ($6.11 USD per day*)
    • 2 Cats – $4,500 pesos/month  ($5 USD per cat per day*)
    • 3 Cats – $6,000 pesos/month  ($4.44 USD per cat per day*)

    Please note: Rates do NOT include cat food.
    Please bring enough of your cat’s regular food for their entire stay.

    Doggie Day Care

    Beach Dog Boarding 5Beach Dog Boarding & Salon tries to offer Doggie Day Care so you can take a day trip to explore the area or drive into Puerto Vallarta for shopping, lunch and appointments. Since we continue to get busier with boarders each passing year, this service depends on our schedule and the number of dogs at our facility. Please email us for availability. Don’t forget that you can also schedule bath or grooming appointments while you are gone for the day. In some cases, we may add $50 pesos to grooming for an extra-long day.

    Doggie Day Care Rates
    $150 pesos – under 4 hours
    $200 pesos – 4-10 hours

    Pet Taxi Service

    Beach Dog Boarding & Salon tries to offer a Taxi Service. As we continue to get busier and busier each year with boarders and grooming, this service depends on our schedule and the number of dogs that are being boarded at our facility. Please Email us for availability.

    Pickup OR Delivery Service

    • Lo de Marcos – $100 pesos
    • La Peñita, Guayabitos, Los Ayala or San Pancho – $300-400 pesos
    • Sayulita – $450-600 pesos
    • La Cruz or Bucerias – $500-550 pesos
    • Nuevo Vallarta – $600-700 pesos
    • Puerto Vallarta – $700 (Home Depot), $800 (Costco), up to $1,200 pesos (Romantic Zone)

    *Indicates approximate price at current exchange rate (15 pesos to 1 USD).

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    7 Reviews on “Beach Dog Boarding & Salon”

    1. :

      Exceeded our Expectations. If you would like a pet sitter that is wonderful, compassionate, fun loving and will love your animal for the period he/she is with her than Beach Dog is the place for you. We were from the US visiting Mexico via cruise line. She came to us at the cruise ship. She was very compassionate and loving with our precious Bella and took wonderful care of her with fun activities for the day.

    2. :

      Favorite Destination for my Pups! Melanie provides loving care for every boarder and my two dogs always enjoy their stay. The secret is Melanie's personal care and attention for every pet. She has a special touch with animals and they show it by their good behavior at the Salon. You'll find that Beach Dog Boarding has a great facility which is always spotlessly clean. You can be sure your mascot is in good hands. An unqualified recommendation for Melanie and Beach Dog Boarding & Salon.

    3. :

      Prior to going to Melanie for grooming, my little Yorkie needed to be tranquilized just to have his nails clipped. Not only was she able to do groom and trim his nails, but became his best bud! To say my little guy has issues, is an understatement. However, with the calm milieu Melanie has created, Nemo enjoys socializing with his new buds in a safe environment, but especially her. Not only does Melanie provide support for the dogs in her care, but also to the owners. My little guy became sick while in her care and not only did she informed me immediately, but sought medical attention right away. Melanie provided frequent updates and pictures the first few times in her care and when asked. She responds in a timely manner to all emails. I can't say enough great things about Melanie and feel truly blessed to know her.

    4. :

      Melanie at Beach Dog Grooming loves dogs! She has spent hours grooming my two-year-old white standard poodle. It is better grooming than I get back home in Texas. Melanie even one time kept my puppy overnight so she could spend two days working in her. Very reasonable pricing as well. No need to go to Puerto Vallarta for grooming! You will not find any better.

    5. :

      Hi, we have used Beach Dog Boarding & Salon (Melanie) for the past 8 years. We have our Golden Doodle groomed there and the few times we have needed to Board our dog we have used their services. In particular what we like about Beach Dog Boarding & Salon is how safe the dog kennel arrangement is set up. Your dog cannot just wander into the street. There are two gated areas, very well thought through for the dogs safety.

    6. :

      Our Mexican rescue dog Kenja has been boarding at Beachdog boarding kennels for the last 3 years and is booked in again for this Christmas. Kenja loves and enjoys the time she spends there, especially as she has so many other friends she can play with or have time alone, if she is so inclined. Melanie is a truly special person, who loves her work and it reflects on the happy guests that stay with her!

    7. :

      Our two spoiled dogs routinely stay with Melanie. It has really changed the way we can enjoy Mexico. We can now take the many trips throughout this beautiful country without having to worry about our dogs. The facility is spotless, and we never worry about a thing. It is just the type of kennel that we would love to find in the states. I would recommend it without hesitation!

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    If you are unfamiliar with Lo de Marcos, our location can be difficult to find.

    1. Enter Lo de Marcos at the main entrance (Av. Luis Echeverria), at the Oxxo.
    2. Follow Av. Luis Echeverria until you see the plaza (about 11 short blocks).
    3. Take a left immediately after the plaza (Fco. I Madero).
    4. Take the first right and go two blocks (if you come to the beach, you’ve gone too far).
    5. Take a left on Camino a Las Minitas, and drive until you see the lily pad ponds on your right.
    6. Turn left on Av. Universidad.
    7. Follow Av. Universidad about 3 blocks until you reach the “Y” in the road. Veer right.
    8. Go 1 block and take a left onto Av. Maestro.
    9. Look for the large brown gates on the right.

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  • Owner/Manager: Melanie Blair
  • Address: Maestros
  • Town: Lo de Marcos
  • Phone: (322) 138-6981 Emergencies (no phone reservations please)
  • Cell:
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