“Pets for Life” Spay & Neuter Clinics in Nayarit: Fall 2014 Update

The “Pets for Life” Mexico team just wrapped up their fourth Spay & Neuter Clinic this fall in our area, including clinics in Jaltemba Bay, Las Varas, San Blas and San Pancho. The team has also been busy with clinics in Puerto Vallarta, Tepic and even a trip to Oaxaca.

We have noticed some encouraging and interesting changes this season. Firstly, more cats are being brought in to the clinics by concerned families. In fact, there were more cats sterilized than dogs during the San Pancho clinic. Similar to other years, the balance between males vs. females has shown an increase in the number of male pets being sterilized compared to our first clinics.

The biggest and most noticeable change is in the number of Mexican volunteers wanting to help at these clinics. These volunteers might bring snacks or lunches, but many are staying at the clinic to learn about animal care at the recovery or post-operation tables. As we have noticed for a number of years, more local vets are getting involved, to help out and get more exposure on surgery techniques from this experienced group of surgeons and technicians.

Rob Erickson Pets for Life Clinic 2
Vet medico Dra. Gretyl completes a spay on a cat / (top) Dogs checked in and ready for surgery

Rob Erickson Pets for Life Clinic 3
Paulina and Gail work the prep table to keep the three surgeons busy

Rob Erickson Pets for Life Clinic 4
Dr. Poli Lopez performs a spay while one of the students helping in Recovery has a chance to watch

Rob Erickson Pets for Life Clinic 5
San Pancho vet medico Dr. Julio supervises the student-helpers on the Post-Op Recovery table

by Rob Erickson

PEACEAnimals is a Mexican nonprofit based in Puerto Vallarta. They have hired another nonprofit, Pets for Life (Drs. Anthony and Poli, and Paulina), to provide FREE services 4-days per week to the community to spay/neuter and otherwise treat animals. Pets for Life also works for other organizations throughout the area, like Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) here in Jaltemba Bay. Their initiatives include weekly free spay/neuter clinics and community-wide education about the humane treatment of animals.

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