Micheladas and Other Popular Drinks Are Going Fast

There have been lots of bars set up on the beach and around town in readiness for Semana Santa and other upcoming events that we are known for. Like Moto Fiesta in June. This past weekend was also a big one. Some of these icy cold drinks are the ever popular ones and others are new and different. Let’s review with photos some of them here. I will take care of the painstaking and tedious demands of my profession by offering myself up as an official taster.

Michelada – a mug or huge Styrofoam glass filled with cerveza, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, Maggi, Tajin hot sauce, salt or Tajin on the rim & ice. They can be made with either tomato or clamato and sometimes neither and in which case will be called a Chelada.

These are often topped off with prawns, slices or sticks of cucumber, celery, lime wedges or any number of other creative dressings. Its like a meal in a glass.

Just when you thought you had seen or heard of everything, along comes Juan or Jose, to create something new.

Vampiros –  A vampiros can be found in various states of completion. That meaning that you can use it as a chaser for your favorite tequila or you can drink it before the shot of tequila or you can simply drop in a shot glass filled with tequila. That’s right, just drop it in the glass of sangrita and voile, don’t forget the lime juice, soda, salt & ice. This is not to be confused with Sangria, which is of course in the wine family.

Bulldog – A blend of (what else?) tequila, lime and orange juice, simple syrup, salt and ice and a splash of Gran Marnier on top.

The next, is one of my favorites if it is made with fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice.

Palomas –  contain, tequila, of your choice of course, grapefruit soda (such as Squirt or Fresca), lime, salt and ice.

Margaritas – always a traditional favorite and I hesitate to mention names of where to locate my favorites on this one, but they also come in various fruity flavors, like strawberry and I will tell you who, in my own opinion, makes the best. Alonso at near the malecon has the best ones, by far. This is one of those things you have to try. Bucket list material. Get my gist?    Otherwise, if you want a professional opinion on 外汇交易平台 margaritas, contact Jim Williams next season. He oversaw the International Margarita Challenge for 10 years. It was held at the Restaurant. You are on your own from now on in your personal search for the best. I will try to go everywhere and do some sampling, all in the interest of science of course, and put together a list for you all. Don’t expect the results for a while!!! All I can tell you now is that I prefer on the rocks instead of blended.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention cerveza. Buckets and buckets and buckets of it served with lime anywhere. I won’t even try to give you my favorites, cuz the choices are too wide and too varied.

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