Las Tres Amigas’ Lowly Luggage Tags

Who would ever believe the effect the lowly luggage tags pictured here could have on the lives of young students. It is quite a success story, especially for something that measures only 4½-inches by 3-inches.

Here’s the scoop. A winter visitor has been sewing up a storm making these in a variety of colourful, funky fabrics. Friends and acquaintances have been gladly donating $50 pesos for each one they take home. This generous woman has donated these pesos to Las Tres Amigas for our educational fundraising projects.

In total, these lowly luggage tags have raised $3,850 pesos. (Do the math. That’s 77 luggage tags!)

We will in turn donate these pesos to the Los Amigos de Jaltemba CONALEP Scholarship Program. This is more than enough money for a full year’s tuition!

When added to the money raised at our Petals and Pearls Afternoon Tea, and our Italian Christmas Dinner, eight (8) more students will be able to further their education at CONALEP.

Do you have a hobby or talent that could generate some funds for education programs in the Jaltemba Bay area? Don’t be modest or shy. Remember the lowly luggage tags – even little things can make a BIG difference!

by Las Tres Amigas (Helma, Maxine and Nora)

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