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8 Reviews on “Guayabitos Theme Song”

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    Please send me the lyrics

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    Loved the song Eddy and Janet. You guys are great, See you soon Sharon & Philippe

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      Hi Sharon & Philippe; Hope all is well with you both. By the way, can you give me your e-mail address? My e-mail address is lang_eddy@yahoo.ca Thanks for the review....looking forward to seeing you all again. Eddy

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    Earl...if you write me, I'll send you the lyrics. lang_eddy@yahoo.ca

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    I heartily echo the others. Great tune! I'd like the lyrics, too. ... see you all in January!

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    Scott and I loved the song and Eddy's voice -- great job!

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    What a wonderful song.. Love it if you could share the lyrics

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      Irma Beck...you can contact me at...lang_eddy@yahoo.ca...and I will send you the lyrics...thank you for your review...

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