Barbie Angel Project Donates 830 Dolls During 2014 Holiday Season

The Barbie Lady, aka Geri de Moss, came out of retirement this year to head up the 11th year of the Barbie Angel Project. The dolls arrived via plane, car and RV from various places in Canada, Washington State and California. Due to the efforts of co-leader, Lynne Mourot, her neighbor girls and granddaughter, 500 barbies arrived completed and ready for distribution.

Once the call was made for help, the volunteer crew, 13 in all, some regulars, some newbies, arrived and were anxious to help at two dressing parties. The balance of the 830 dolls available this year, were prepared for distribution. The gently used dolls were given a shower, their hair shampooed and lovingly styled, and they were dressed in donated outfits, some hand crocheted and knitted and some still usable ready mades. In all, 40 hours were expended by the volunteers, preparing the balance of the 330 donated dolls.

Barbie 2014-4246 Barbie 2014-4243
Barbie 2014-4264
Barbie 2014-4267Barbie 2014-4266 Barbie 2014-4270
Barbie 2014-4268
Barbie 2014-4269
(photos) Lloyd Hodgins and friend Dianna Belitski, Robi Smallwood, one of the teachers at the La Peñita Community Center, Darienne Yanosik and Harry Brown, George Aceves, Jeanie Mintzmyer, Linda Jeannotte and husband Orlando, Bazooka Bill Hlatky.           

This year the communities and organizations benefiting from the holiday doll gifts ranged from Lo de Marcos, Los Ayala, Rincón de Guayabitos, La Peñita to La Colonia. Businesses and community organizations receiving and distributing the dolls included Casita de La Peñita, Mateja’s Bar & Grill, Hinde y Jaime’s Bar & Restaurant, La Peñita Community Center and Senior Center, McKibben Foundation (Nurse Vicky’s Dispensary) in La Penita, Hidden Paradise Real Estate, the Guayabitos Homeowners Association, Mujers a Mujers Fashion Show, families sponsored by residents of the La Peñita RV park, a community church group in La Peñita and an orphanage in Puerto Vallarta.

Geri wishes to express her gratitued once again for all who volunteer to make this such a worthwhile and gratifying experience each year. She said, “You made it happen one more time.”

To learn more, visit the Barbie Angel Project webpage

by Geri de Moss

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    Pat Arnesen of Minnesota has organized the Barbie project in Rincon de Guayabitos for years. People from Canada and US bring as many Barbies as possible and spend a day cleaning, brushing, and dressing them. Then send them to Geri de Moss.

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    Bravo c'est vraiment la preuve que vous avez un grand coeur pour aider les enfants et les autres personnes du milieu. Geri I remember of you when we went to Jeff two years ago. Continuez à faire plaisir aux mexicains.

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