A Report from Sarah Walker

The white puppy had been dumped on the street 3 days earlier. At the request of a friend that had been feeding her through her open window and dropping kibble out on the street, I was asked to foster “Parche” until they returned for the season. saying they would adopt her then… this was a huge request as I have 6 doggies of my own. I had no idea that in 3 days everything would change.

I volunteer with a wonderful group of people that form JBAR. Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue, and that is what we do, RESCUE! But our rescue station in La Colonia… IS FULL. So I thought Parche could stay with me for a little while.

Three days later at the end of the street market, I came around the corner and there were 2 very young puppies totally lost and disoriented. They had been dumped as well. I stopped and one ran under my car and laid down and wasn’t going to move any time soon. Racing the engine didn’t work either. But his sister was a little more friendly. I shut off the engine and decided to walk the short distance to my house and return with FOOD, and frontline. I could see they were covered with ticks. They were in bad shape and very very thin, but pretty dogs of a red tan with black muzzles. The female had beautiful eyeliner. Wish I could look so good!!! In 15 minutes of coaching and cooing, I had them back to my house and isolated into the laundry room away from all my dogs.

The clean up process is not nice but I will tell you that hours were spent on hundreds of ticks. their gums were “white”. I called my vet in P.V. Dr. F. Aguilar and he told me what vitamins to get them on. Smoked Salmon and Rice from Alaska, adorned their puppy kibble. They ate like tomorrow would not come. But I only gave small amounts and had them wormed immediately.

I decided to name them Bonnie and Clyde! They howled all night. It rained hard that night but they were safe and dry in the laundry room. Next morning the gardener came to the door to find me and tell me that there was ANOTHER puppy at the back door. “No”. I said. “No es possible!”. There cowering in the corner of the outside door was the tinniest little brown puppy. TERRIFIED! Totally emaciated. He was all head and bones. His eyes were the brightest and so beautiful, but so scared. He was obviously the runt of the litter. He had heard his brother and sisters howls and found his way to my back door. In my estimation he did not have long to live. I think he knew it.

I carefully and gently picked him up and brought him to ” the laundry room” where now it was his turn to get some VIP treatment. A dab of Frontline, good food but not toooooo much and a break from the world on a soft and clean blanket. I named him Billy the Kid.

It is now one month later their gums are pink, they are no longer anemic from all the ticks. They have doubled in size because they are fed separately and get to eat in peace. Their hair is as soft as can be from the vitamins and fish oils and they are loved. In return, they are loving and smart. Time for a wonderful home(s) for them.

Editor’s Note: Sarah Walker has rescued and nursed many injured animals back to health so they could be adopted out to good homes. This story is about how Sarah’s summer is going so far! This article was originally published in the July/August issue of the Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) newsletter.

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